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La scrittura, il cervello e l’era digitale / Writing, Brain and Digital Age

La scrittura, il cervello e l’era digitale / Writing, Brain and Digital Age

[ITA] Secondo Picchione, la penetrazione a livello neuronale da parte delle nuove tecnologie hanno colonizzato anche l’immaginario, modificando anche la psicologia umana e persino i desideri. [ENG] According to Picchione the neuronal penetration by new technologies has also settled the imaginary and is affecting human psychology and even desires and the University.
Aesthetics of transition. New metric of the body

Aesthetics of transition. New metric of the body

The arts, science and technology are experiencing a period of profound change. Explosive challenges to the institutions and practices of engineering, art making, and scientific research raise urgent questions of ethics, craft, and care for the planet and its inhabitants. Unforeseen forms of beauty and understanding are possible, but so are too unexpected risks and threats.
Noema’s n.blog & Subtle Technologies

Noema’s n.blog & Subtle Technologies

The 15th annual Subtle Technologies Festival took place in Toronto for 3 days (May 24-27, 2012), with scientists, artists and designers from all around the world to share ideas, science and artworks. This year the Festival for the first time was made in collaboration with Ryerson University, with a packed program of presentations, workshops, performances, screenings and more, all connected to science and art. Also this year (like in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) Roberta Buiani from Toronto at...

Towards the Third Life

Humans also developed a wide range of artefacts, machines, entities that are quickly becoming more and more powerful, complex, autonomous, and independent. These could be defined to a certain extent as “living entities”, expanding the idea of life and of life forms. All this processes seem pushing forward the human biological, cultural, technical boundaries. How do they happen? Where are technologies based on? Can these processes give any glimpses on a possible evolution?
BIACS 3 – YOUniverse

BIACS 3 – YOUniverse

Sono andato, qualche giorno prima della chiusura, a vedere la Biennale de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevilla (BIACS 3) (2 Ottobre 2008 - 11 Gennaio 2009), giunta alla terza edizione e intitolata YOUniverse. Il commissario, nonchè direttore artistico, di questa edizione era Peter Weibel, e dunque la cosa mi incuriosiva: perchè mai una biennale d'arte, che normalmente opera sulle forme artistiche della tradizione, aveva scelto, "coraggiosamente", un commissario così "tecnologico"?

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