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Conversation à trois

Si possono produrre, quasi in simultanea, arte e filosofia? Sulla scìa di quanto afferma Jean-Paul Thenot nel suo libro imperniato sul percorso artistico di Jean-Pierre Giovanelli, l’arte può diventare filosofia – nell’atto di prodursi - ponendo domande? Più che una risposta affermativa, si può aprire un discorso ricco di domande ...

Can Organized Networks Make Money for Designers?

My interest in this talk is to consider what the political concept of organized networks might mean for designers wondering how to make a buck. I know for sure that I won't be able to offer a one-size-fits all business model, so if that's what you were hoping for, then be disappointed now. Instead, I will focus on what I consider the primary conditions that attend the practice of collaboration in an era of network cultures and informational economies.
The Three Basic Forms of Remix: A Point of Entry

The Three Basic Forms of Remix: A Point of Entry

For the Selective Remix the DJ takes and adds parts to the original composition, while leaving its spectacular aura intact. An example from art history in which key codes of the Selective Remix are at play is Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain (1917); this work consists of an untouched urinal (save for a traditional artist signature) to reinforce the question, what is art?

Vernacular Video

The technology of video is now as common as a pencil for the middle classes. People who never even considered working seriously in video find themselves with digital camcorders and non-linear video-editing software on their personal computers. They can set up their own “television stations” with video streaming via the Web without much trouble. The revolution in video-display technologies is creating massive, under-utilized screen space and time, as virtually all architecture and surfaces become...

For any reason or no reason – on virtual (extra-)territoriality

The virtual embassy in Second Life will be a copy of a real world embassy: The House of Sweden, situated in central Washington DC next to a big park and a river. The embassy was developed as a consequence of the new politics on architecture. A competition was announced by the Swedish National Property Board (SVF) in 2002 and the winning proposal, designed by Gert Wingårdh and Thomas Hansen opened 2006. House of Sweden is a concept developed in collaboration between the Swedish National Property ...

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