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Tecnologie del vivente (1)

Cercare di conoscere e di controllare la dimensione a venire, anche solo col pensiero e l’immaginazione, consente di “prepararsi al futuro”, di adottare o adeguare azioni, strategie e comportamenti ritenuti appropriati al modello di futuro che cerchiamo di immaginare. L’obiettivo di questa immaginazione non è solo il “successo”, inteso nel senso lato di affermazione di un’attitudine, ma anche il miglioramento dell’immediato presente e delle condizioni di esistenza del futuro più prossimo. In tal...

Over the RGB Rainbow

So instead of crying out in feigned disbelief and outrage when ISPs shut down our Halloween monsters, like The Thing, and rat on our Robin Hood pirates, who download 600 songs in a day, we must come to terms with the fact that corporate and government apparatuses can, when desired, turn out the lights on our daring virtual oppositions and “free” digital lifestyles with the click of a switch or a mouse. A virtuality check, then, does not imply that we abandon the imagination in search for alterna...

Constructing the Digital Commons. A venture into hybridisation

Now, my purpose here is not to write an essay on political theory, but rather to prepare the grounds for a discussion of a concept that is closely aligned with these macro-political trends, and that has surfaced recently in a range of different discussions, and across a range of different disciplines and contexts: the notion of the “commons”. Interestingly the concept of the commons has popped up quite persistently in discussions about the social dimension of communication and networking technol...

The Premise of Recombinant Architecture: One

Recombinant architecture examines the deep cultural impact of biotechnologies, including genetic, genomic and transgenic engineering, on the architectural imagination. [...] Recombinant architecture explodes allegorical relationships between body and structure, incorporating biologic and architectural bodies into indiscrete and reversible interiors and exteriors including cyborgs and transgenic bodies, generative tissue textiles, body-architecture hybrids, replicating habitats and genetically en...

Quantum Finance. A new methodology for economics

Quantum Finance is a new field that seeks to resolve problems that are experienced with the Standard Model, (i.e. money is real, and takes the form of cash and assets). Interestingly the whole endeavour arose as a result of a discussion between a CERN experimental physicist and his private banker in Geneva. This lead to a collaboration between CERN and a select group of Swiss bankers, who between them created the discrete GW (Gnomes and Wizards) Forum, the papers of which this summary is based o...

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