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ISEA 2022 – Possibles

ISEA 2022 – Possibles

How to draw new Possibles to come, and not just confirming those that are there waiting to be confirmed, experienced and thought, as Possibles that can be brought to existence in our worldview? How to move from the impossible, the fable or the utopia to directly bite into our reality? The Possible is inscribed within the arts, design, sciences and technologies that surround us now and those yet to come.
Animaloids and Plantoids

Animaloids and Plantoids

Now we are allowed not only to enter animals’ and plants’ environments and behaviors more in depth, but also to steal from them the secret of their ‘technologies’ which explain their survival power. This research culminates in the field “biomimicry” and the construction of hybrids which may give birth to new species of animals and plants,
Alive Together I: Human/Animal Relationships in Crisis?

Alive Together I: Human/Animal Relationships in Crisis?

Hybrid Lab Network’s LTTA (Learning Teaching and Training Activity), Alive Together I: Human/Animal Relationships in Crisis? with artist Louise Mackenzie, ethologist Anna Olsson and guest speaker, artist Maja Smrekar, sets the foundations for exploring human/animal relationships across disciplines. The course will take place online over 5 days, spread across 2 weeks: on Monday 30th November, Friday 4th December and then Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th December 2020. What does it mean for huma...

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