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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©~Ñ~vibrator stripped bare, even

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©~Ñ~vibrator stripped bare, even

There are few real remarks made to the point of ontology in history. We have Foucault, Aristotle, and any number of others that describe how we hold the cup of knowledge in the meat of the mind, Descartes held a duality of mind/body, whereas this writing holds something of a difficult thesis that is notably different. That of the body knows it comforts and that they may be crafted to a person from the inputs of that body experience.
Text is Mortal

Text is Mortal

Text twitches and is wound. Text is hallucinatory by design to convey images without anything but letterforms. Text is held like traffic flows by not stop signs but commas and semicolons and all the rest. Text is mortal and mutates. It is time to look not just into creative experiments and new methodologies within textual works but text itself. Something interesting can happen if interaction happens within the body of the letters themselves.
Giornalisti? ‘Cani da carne’ in salsa high-tech / Journalists? ‘Meat dog’ with high-tech sauce

Giornalisti? ‘Cani da carne’ in salsa high-tech / Journalists? ‘Meat dog’ with high-tech sauce

[ITA] Cambiano i tempi ma David Cronenberg, regista etichettato come il Barone del Sangue, non si smentisce. [ENG] The time is changed but David Cronenberg, the director too labeled as the Baron of Blood, makes no exceptions.

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