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Recombinant text and narrative

Recombinant text and narrative

Hierarchies form a sense of structure and point of view and reference. Logic exists in how things connect inside of a work of art or literature in the sense of how it is entered, completed and which details and related deeper resonance and symbolism are placed at the fore in terms of detail and composition and which are placed in more subtle , auxiliary roles within. But what could happen if when completed the work invited someone to play, to shift and reform it whole?
A tribute to Noema 20th Anniversary

A tribute to Noema 20th Anniversary

In 2002 I worked on a collaborative project 34 North 118 West that was one of the first GPS locative narratives. After that there was a new terrifying feeling in my life of what to do next, where to go on an invisible, uncertain path. I felt lost for a year then collaborated on a project that ran text/image/sound works with hacked data from earthquake sensors. We worked on it for months and it was in a gallery back when digital exhibition was strange and odd. We buried a computer in a wall...
Berg emotional soundscapes

Berg emotional soundscapes

[ITA] Berg è quindi una geografia emozionale, dove si ricerca un piano di significazione differente consegnando all'utente la facoltà di attivazione di un processo desiderante e relazionale con lo spazio. [ENG] Berg maps an emotional geography, where the listener finds a different signification level in assigning the user with the option of activating a desiring and relational process with the space.

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