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Re:Generative 2025

Re:Generative 2025

In a context of profound changes and transformations, the regenerative is presented as an alternative to restore, renew or reconstruct lost or invisible memories. From the perspective of sustainability, the regenerative implies thinking about actions that imply survival as a vital matter of engendering for its re-existence.
The Bioart of Neurons and Memory

The Bioart of Neurons and Memory

Demonstrating the preservation of cells after a living organism is pronounced dead and revived is not a traditional bioart topic. But it is an important one. It is a crucial step for advances in the use of lowered temperatures for sustaining the efficacy of organs and organisms during medical procedures, and especially of preserving neurons for the science cryonics. My recent bioart research is a breakthrough that will help to build momentum toward more advanced studies on information storage w...
Berg emotional soundscapes

Berg emotional soundscapes

[ITA] Berg è quindi una geografia emozionale, dove si ricerca un piano di significazione differente consegnando all'utente la facoltà di attivazione di un processo desiderante e relazionale con lo spazio. [ENG] Berg maps an emotional geography, where the listener finds a different signification level in assigning the user with the option of activating a desiring and relational process with the space.

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