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living cybernetics. playing language

living cybernetics. playing language

The theme for the 60th-anniversary meeting of the American Society for Cybernetics considers language at play in the connections of pasts, presents, and futures. living cybernetics | playing language further suggests that cybernetic languaging, in all forms and media, shares a logic that is informed by understandings of processes of living as they exist and may exist. Playing is a means to reach out into possible futures, to initiate the not-yet-existent.
Biomimetics and shifting languages: computation to aid nature

Biomimetics and shifting languages: computation to aid nature

These concepts are now absolutely crucial as the world warms beyond all previous predictive analysis. The analog of technology may have already reached a complexity apex. The circle would close when we move toward helping the organic world and the concerns therein. Complexity is many layers or parts working together, but when overpacked, it becomes overly complicated.
McLuhan’s “Understanding Media” is 50

McLuhan’s “Understanding Media” is 50

In 1964 the Canadian scholar Marshall McLuhan published his seminal book "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man", that gave a new sap to the media studies introducing new perspectives. He suggested that “the medium is the message”, namely that the media affect the society in which they play a role.

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