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Beyond Binaries

Beyond Binaries

[ITA] Il progetto, promosso dall’Associazione Culturale Erinni, è vincitore del bando VitaminaG nell’ambito del programma GenerAzioniGiovani.it finanziato dalle Politiche Giovanili della Regione Lazio con il sostegno del Dipartimento per la Gioventù. [ENG] The project, promoted by the Cultural Association Erinni, is the winner of the VitaminaG call for proposals within the GenerAzioniGiovani.it programme financed by the Youth Policies of the Lazio Region with the support of the Department for Y...

From Siri to sexbots: Female AI reinforces a toxic desire for passive, agreeable and easily dominated women

Source: Salon A recent article titled “Why is AI Female?” made the connection that gendered labor, in service professions in particular, is fueling our expectations for gendered AI assistants and service robots. Furthermore, the author argues, this “feminizing — and sexualizing — of machines” signals a future with a disproportionate use of feminized VR and robots for a male-dominated sex industry. Monica Nickelsburg writes: “Sex with robots is a big leap from asking Siri to set an alarm, but...

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