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Resonances III Datami

Resonances III Datami

The Resonances Festival celebrates the work of the JRC on a specific theme. This year's theme, Big Data/AI/Digital Transformation is seen through the prism of Datami. After the 2018 Summer School, 24 artists have worked with JRC scientists on a unique artwork blending JRC science with their art.
MATTER(S) matter(s): Bridging Research in the Arts and Sciences

MATTER(S) matter(s): Bridging Research in the Arts and Sciences

With their shared interests in materiality and topical issues—the dual “matters” invoked in the exhibition title—the artists in the exhibition reveal an “epistemological turn” in the arts and sciences, focusing on how knowledge is produced and how the process of production inflects meaning and interpretation. This major presentation highlights how artists and scientists work together to imagine the future, today.
Exhibiting Elsewhere

Exhibiting Elsewhere

When funding is not linked to a specific exhibition space – and traditional exhibition spaces can represent a noticeable part of a production budget – the incentive to work in a traditional white cube disappears.

Interview with Marta de Menezes

Interview with Dalila Honorato

Interview with Adam Zaretsky

Interview with Jadwiga Charzyńska

Interview with Delma Rodriguez

Interview with Olga Kisseleva

Interview with Anna Dumitriu

Interview with Luz María Sánchez

Interview with Danielle Siembieda

Interview with Freddy Paul Grunert

Interview with Elif Ayiter

Interview with Roberta Buiani

Interview with Bill Seaman

Interview with Roger Malina

Interview with Christa Sommerer

Interview with Annick Bureaud

Interview with Leonel Moura

Interview with Nina Czegledy

Interview with Stelarc

Interview with Derrick de Kerckhove

Interview with Margarete Jahrmann

Interview with Jaromil