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Polyphibionics: from cyborganic amphibians to polyphibians

Polyphibionics: from cyborganic amphibians to polyphibians

Returning to the origins of cyborg, conceived in order to automatize the homeostasis of human species of Earthlings, augmenting the human organism to conquer the knowledge of outer space, outside the safety zone of planet Earth, this paper re-examines the relation between the outward and inward directed explorations by considering how the journeys beyond the offerings of our atmosphere enable expansion of our noosphere.
Refounding Legitimacy Toward Aethogenesis

Refounding Legitimacy Toward Aethogenesis

The fusion of human and technology takes us into an unheard world, populated by quasi-living species that would relegate us to the rank of alienated agents, emptied of their identity and consciousness. I argue instead that our world is woven by simple, though invisible, perspectives, which may renew our ability of judgment and our autonomy, I have called Anoptical Perspectives.
Art and Science as the Conjectured Possible

Art and Science as the Conjectured Possible

[...] In this manner, by demonstrating the logic in the creation of new technological forms and new identities, art articulates the primary task of the individual living in the age of new technologies: the construction of a living future (that is, a future that endows us with freedom), and not a dead, mechanized future that is being built without our participation.

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