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living cybernetics. playing language

living cybernetics. playing language

The theme for the 60th-anniversary meeting of the American Society for Cybernetics considers language at play in the connections of pasts, presents, and futures. living cybernetics | playing language further suggests that cybernetic languaging, in all forms and media, shares a logic that is informed by understandings of processes of living as they exist and may exist. Playing is a means to reach out into possible futures, to initiate the not-yet-existent.
Leggere la complessità / Reading Complexity

Leggere la complessità / Reading Complexity

[ITA] L’evento vuole riflettere sul rapporto tra la cibernetica, e in particolare la ricerca di Silvio Ceccato e le potenzialità dell’Intelligenza Artificiale. [ENG] The event aims to reflect on the relationship between cybernetics, and in particular the research of Silvio Ceccato and the current potential of Artificial Intelligence.
Language and Computational Creativity

Language and Computational Creativity

We contemplate how to abstract these processes such that in time a machinic system may define its own sense of creativity through enculturation, and later though its own sense of abstraction, expanded conversation, and human/machine socialization. In fact the autonomous machine may develop completely new aesthetic forms that humans have never considered.

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