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Expanded Cinema, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition

Expanded Cinema, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition

First published in 1970, Gene Youngblood’s influential Expanded Cinema was the first serious treatment of video, computers, and holography as cinematic technologies. Long considered the Bible for media artists, Youngblood’s insider account of 1960s counterculture and the birth of cybernetics remains a mainstay reference in today’s hypermediated digital world.
Climate Leviathan

Climate Leviathan

Climate Leviathan is an essential book. I recommend it to anyone concerned about the future. However, it would have been an even better book if it were less nostalgic for lost certainties of the left. That would have made its panorama of the future even darker, but simultaneously may have revealed more than four political possibilities.
La scrittura, il cervello e l’era digitale / Writing, Brain and Digital Age

La scrittura, il cervello e l’era digitale / Writing, Brain and Digital Age

[ITA] Secondo Picchione, la penetrazione a livello neuronale da parte delle nuove tecnologie hanno colonizzato anche l’immaginario, modificando anche la psicologia umana e persino i desideri. [ENG] According to Picchione the neuronal penetration by new technologies has also settled the imaginary and is affecting human psychology and even desires and the University.

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