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Collide residency award launches new call for entries

Collide residency award launches new call for entries

Today, Arts at CERN launches a new call for Collide, its flagship residency programme, in partnership with the City of Barcelona. Artists from all around the world are invited to submit their proposals for a research-led residency. The laureate, an individual artist or artistic collective, will be invited to spend three months dedicated to artistic research and exploration between CERN and Barcelona.


  Since 2014, Arts at CERN and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia have been working together to foster experimentation through the arts in connection with fundamental research. For the next four years, this partnership will be taken to the next level as part of Pro Helvetia’s “Arts, Science and Technology” focus to support artistic exploration across different fields. Together, Arts at CERN and Pro Helvetia are launching “Connect”, a new collaboration framework that will serve as a plat...

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