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The Human Culture and the diaspora of Life

The Human Culture and the diaspora of Life

Although almost exclusively considered as related to calculation systems and computers, algorithms exist since antiquity, and have deeply influenced and shaped the human culture. Humanity and human activities have always been inspired by Nature and the living, that since the Palaeolithic have been represented. Today’s disciplines, tools and technologies have expanded the possibilities of simulation in many fields, from science to art.
Il Pianeta corale di Luigi Pagliarini / The Choral Planet by Luigi Pagliarini

Il Pianeta corale di Luigi Pagliarini / The Choral Planet by Luigi Pagliarini

[ITA] Raccontare Luigi Pagliarini è una sfida complessa. Partire dalla sua biografia comporta il rischio di non dire tutto, e proprio nel non dire si cela la sua essenza straordinariamente grande, una vita densa di esperienze, ricerche e fare estetico. [ENG] Telling the story of Luigi Pagliarini is a complex challenge. Starting from his biography could be a good place to begin, and it is precisely in not saying that his extraordinarily great essence is concealed, a life dense with experience, r...
Outsourcing Life

Outsourcing Life

Humans have always been inspired by the living, representing, simulating and emulating it. Today we are witnessing the extension of life into a “Third Life” - being the “First Life” the biological life and the “Second Life” the life in the symbolic dimension - that expands Nature. This process is consistent with the progressive externalization outside the body of human functions and activities.

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