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Open Call for a Residency at ESA

Open Call for a Residency at ESA

(Linz, April 20, 2016) Under the aegis of the European Digital Art and Science Network, Ars Electronica cordially invites artists to take part in a competition for a residency at the European Space Agency (ESA) and at the Ars Electronica Futurelab. This residency offers artists an extraordinary opportunity to experience the landing of the Rosetta space probe and the ExoMars Mission live on site at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. This visit...

Call for Exhibition: States of Matter

The embodiment of artistic intents in the plastic and figurative forms of representation has been a dramatic moment in the human history defined by revolutionary processes to master matter in terms of colors, shapes, materials and techniques. A New Renaissance brought to practitioners, in this contemporary age, by the enormous availabilities of scientific and technological knowledge together with a change of perspective, in which cross-disciplinary discourses are established between specialized ...
Total recall: The (re-) evolution of memory?

Total recall: The (re-) evolution of memory?

[ITA] Ars Electronica Festival in questa edizione del 2013 si apre al passato, almeno, in un certo senso. Al centro dell’attenzione di artisti, pensatori, esperti, critici d’arte, infatti, il concetto di memoria, in tutte le sue declinazioni. [ENG] Ars Electronica Festival in this 2013 edition is, in a certain sense, opened to the past. Artists, thinkers, experts, art critics, so as all the visitors were, indeed, invited to focus their attention on the concept of ‘memory’, in all its declinatio...
Subtle Technologies Festival: Immortality, Toronto, June 8-9, 2013

Subtle Technologies Festival: Immortality, Toronto, June 8-9, 2013

This Subtle Technologies explores the art and science of Immortality. Through presentations, panels, a workshop, exhibition and screening, the Festival investigates ways in which artists explore archiving memories; scientific techniques for bringing extinct animals back to life; a search for extending youth; ancient landscape as sonic memory; vampires in pop culture and much more! Read the full reportage by Noema correspondant from Toronto, Roberta Buiani: http://blogs.noemalab.eu/
Researching the Future: Aspects of Art and Technoetics 2007

Researching the Future: Aspects of Art and Technoetics 2007

Il 7, 8, 9 Dicembre per tutti gli interessati all'Arte Telematica, Audio Art, Computer Art, Digital Art, Arte Elettronica, Arte Generativa, Artivismo, Hacker Art, Arte Interattiva, Internet Art, Media Technology Art, Performance Art, Robotic Art, Software Art, Sound Art, Video Arte, Video Game Art, Bioart e ai rapporti, oggi centrali tra Arte, Tecnologia e Scienza ci sar? la possibilit? di partecipare al congresso di ricerca che il gruppo di artisti-ricercatori del Planetary Collegium dar? vita ...

Interview with Marta de Menezes

Interview with Dalila Honorato

Interview with Adam Zaretsky

Interview with Jadwiga Charzyńska

Interview with Delma Rodriguez

Interview with Olga Kisseleva

Interview with Anna Dumitriu

Interview with Luz María Sánchez

Interview with Danielle Siembieda

Interview with Freddy Paul Grunert

Interview with Elif Ayiter

Interview with Roberta Buiani

Interview with Bill Seaman

Interview with Roger Malina

Interview with Christa Sommerer

Interview with Annick Bureaud

Interview with Leonel Moura

Interview with Nina Czegledy

Interview with Stelarc

Interview with Derrick de Kerckhove

Interview with Margarete Jahrmann

Interview with Jaromil