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Artificial Intelligence and the Agelast. Iconopoeia of the mechanistic humor

Artificial Intelligence and the Agelast. Iconopoeia of the mechanistic humor

Humour exerted by AI painting machines are gradually becoming empathetic (not yet conscious?) of comic information they attribute to audiences. In the symptomatology of artworks produced by machines, online AI text-to-image apps provide sliding menus for the diminution or exaggeration of a mimic property as laughter, eye-opening levels, etc. In any case, it is information stored from other historical art images or photographic paradigms, processed to formalise a new iconopoiia.
Vera Molnár: Icône 2020

Vera Molnár: Icône 2020

[ITA] Icône 2020 è una scultura nata da una collaborazione tra l’artista pioniera della computer art Vera Molnár — di origine ungherese ma parigina di adozione — e un gruppo di maestri vetrai veneziani. [ENG]Icône 2020 is a sculpture originated from a collaboration between Hungarian-born artist Vera Molnár (b.1924), pioneer of computer art based in Paris, and a traditional Venetian glassmaker team.

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