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Garnet Hertz
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Nemo Gould
Ximo Lizana
Niklas Roy
Adelin Schweitzer
Hommage to Luigi Pagliarini
Il Premio Oscar Signorini


The D’Ars Studio presents

XXV Oscar Signorini Prize - Robotic Art

Noema Staff


This XXV edition of the Prize is focused on robotic art, that is the use of robotic technologies in the arts. The Prize yearly proposes a competition aimed at understanding and spreading topics which are strictly connected to the contemporary culture and society.
The Prize aims at raising a reflection on contemporary topics through the main viewpoint of contemporary arts, in their newest, most emblematic and international forms. This is the reason why the Oscar Signorini Prize on robotic art has an international jury with renowned theoreticians and artists, who indicated two young artists each. The jurors are Pier Luigi Capucci (president), Eduardo Kac, Riccardo Notte, Luigi Pagliarini, Laura Sansavini, Pavel Smetana and Franco Torriani.


Premio Oscar Signorini