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Virtual Temple - The paradigm of a new building
1. The idea. Analyzing the project
2. The development. Enumeration and assignment of the digital devices
3. Design of the digital and architectural components
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Virtual Temple - The paradigm of a new building

Manuel Viñas Limonchi

[PhD. in BB.AA., University of Granada]


Dreaming about Virtual Temple. Manuel Viñas Limonchi


The canons of the design in anyone of their derivations evolve with same speed that make it the instruments and the thought models that several decades before established the computer science culture. A rapid tour for the past century lets us in the retina diversity of images and projects allusive to a succession of design models that were being molded upon reflecting of time, adopting in his form the prevailing manners of that changing society. Prior to the predigital era of multimedia production and Internet, and within that same century, happen multitude of tendencies formed in the heterogeneous branches that the design puts within reach of the creation. Between them the modernism, common to architecture and plastic arts; the minimalism, linked to these last; the art déco, referred mainly to the decorative arts; the constructivism, mediating in a good number of areas belonging to the discipline of the design, etc. Currents that continue outstanding, with more or less adept, demonstrating -as occurs with most valuable of Renaissance tables or sculptures- the perpetuity than characterizes to the object of design, considered nevertheless as an artistic product.