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Description of
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Advantages and
of Graphinder


Customizable Search Engine for Web Documents Using Graphic Resources.


Manuel Viñas Limonchi
University of Granada


Illustration 1
Graphinder looks for Dalí. Manuel Viñas Limonchi


The proposed interface, called graphinder, acquires the characteristics of the traditional toponymic search, i.e. searching via text, through the well-known browsers; but, in this case, the element to be introduced - the original referent of the search - is a graphic fragment or a complete image that becomes the core of an exploration among an infinity of web images linked to the first one according to their distinctive graphic qualities. Thus, this is a new and accurate procedure for selecting information, which specifically manipulates the “graphic goods” - image formats included in the generic bit map - that ramble through the net, starting with the formal and - above all - color attributes of image as the vehicle and final purpose of the exploration. This way, according to the selective search philosophy favored by the Internet, once the image has been located our screen will automatically display the page/s that has/have any graphic nexus with the said image; after selecting one of these web addresses, the pre-established volume of information - text, hyperlinks, video, sound, etc. - is appropriately filtered.