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M/C - Media and Culture is proud to present issue four in volume six of the award-winning M/C Journal http://journal.media-culture.org.au/ 'fibre' - a collaboration with :: fibreculture :: Fibre is the tension between material and abstract. It names a tissue composed of threads, but it also denotes 'roughage' - something that can't be broken down any further - a dietary connotation for both body and mind; and a moral association - integrity or backbone. Fibre is where flows meet resis...

Eigenradio: statistically optimal music

"Eigenradio makes its optimal music by analyzing in real time dozens of radio stations at once. When our bank of computers has heard enough music, it will go to work on making more just like it. Since we listen to so much music all the time, Eigenradio is always on and always live. What you hear on Eigenradio is the best of the New Music, distilled and de-correlated. One song on Eigenradio is worth at least twenty songs on old radio."Website: http://eigenradio.media.mit.edu/


http://www.cold-me.net (From Zarathustra to Nietzsche, Bataille, Deleuze and beyond) Including: Maraka Project (The anonymous histories of Horror) Through the Plague (The lineaments of epidemic in the contemporary writing and art) An Asiatic Junkyard (Where is Asia?) Cold-Workings (An auto-biography of an organ, a journal) Artworks, Discussion Board and more. Cold Me by Reza NegarestaniWebsite: http://www.cold-me.net


Recalling the surprises of public space online. By Andy Deck http://artcontext.org/act/02/collabyrinth/ At first the software resembles many free online services. Indeed, the main function of this site for many will be its ability to produce files of a particular type ("favicon.ico" Windows ICO files). Styled after Photoshop and promoted as "ICO LAB", the initial interface invites confidence and goal-directed behavior. In its conventional service capacity it works well e...

The Presence of Absence

"The Presence of Absence" by Peter Horvath artport gatepage September 03 http://artport.whitney.org Peter Horvath's "The Presence of Absence" creates an associative, audiovisual narrative playing with the intangible layers of communication that are left to interpretation and create presences in their own right. Using an abstracted human face as a main interface, viewers uncover a non-linear trail of associations. In Peter Horvath's films for the web, a multi-screene...


[Italiano] [English below] artist-tutorial.net / Primo numero Agosto 2003 Merce Cunningham Four Events That Have Led to Large Discoveries / 19 September 1994 Artist-tutorial.net è un periodico mensile online che intende offrire una raccolta di tutorials d'arte scritti dagli artisti stessi come guida tecnica al processo di creazione artistica. Per conoscere come la creatività artistica si esprime attraverso la materia e le tecniche artistiche derivate da di...

art of collaboration

For April 2004 we, Trebor Scholz and Geert Lovink, are organizing a conference at the State University of New York at Buffalo (upstate New York) about the art of collaboration, models of critical web-based art, and the role media technologies play in the making of social networks. If you are interested in these topics please send a short introduction to your interests and background to our listserv after subscribing to it at collaboration-subscribe@topica.com Because of the nature of the t...

CityCluster in Ars Electronica Festival 2003

CityCluster "From the Renaissance to the Gigabits Networking Age" by Franz Fischnaller,will be exhibit at Ars Electronica Festival 2003, CODE - the Language of Our Time, AEC Museum of the Future, Linz, Austria, September 6 -11 2003. Milan, August 2003. CityCluster by Franz Fischnaller will be exhibit at Ars Electronica Festival 2003. The presentation will take place on September 7th and 10th, from 18:00 to 21:00, at the CAVE of Ars Electronica Center. CODE â


http://www.artcogitans.com/ Artcogitans.com would to produce an Internet data base containing information about artists who are working with technologies : electronical, medical, biological and any others they might find interesting. This data base will be made available as an international ressource for everyone. Artcogitans.com would welcome any information on others areas which you feel should be included in the data base, as well as others comments you have to offer. What's its a...

muG mY everydaY

Feeling globYng and antiglobYng at the same time ? Restless, frustrated, irritated,... the muG mY everydaY is for You ! HelpowH ? easY ! handle Your favorite muG, start the cam, then... PURCHASE ! Edit your film and send it to pavu.com addGood ! *no cam ?* *pix or gifaNNims welcome !* *no cam or pix or gifaNNims ?* *PURCHASE !!!* beginner ? check : http://pavu.com/summerm0uss0ngs/pisSmuGgirl/index.html want a knowMore ? pavu@pavu.com pricKhears You everYdaY ...


Terminus1525 is a national-wide artistic project, running from March, 2003 to February, 2004 that is virtually real and really virtual ? in other words, it is a wide web of artistic freedom. Its virtuality takes the moving form of an interactive website: www.terminus1525.ca, which serves as a crossroads for production, collaboration, exhibitions and the organization of various youth activities, as well as a place for exchange between events, ideas, projects and people. The website channels the...


Software to manipulate sounds and visuals WORD > SOUND: Proce55ing Proce55ing is an environment for creating electronic media. It is a sketchbook for developing ideas and a context for learning fundamentals of computer programming within the context of the electronic arts. URL: http://www.proce55ing.net There is no automatism in communication that creates sense MOL1.2.3: http://www.soy.de/main/index.php?varLogFile=AudioVisualSoftwareWebsite: URL: http://www.proce55ing.net

The Hidden War

The Hidden War: Re - imagining the Center, an exhibition project kanonmedia.com in cooperation with the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines present: The Hidden War: Re - imagining the Center an exhibition project on the theme of mediated and commodified violence showing experimental new media pieces created by students of digital art of the College of Fine Arts / University of the Philippines: niko loren c. dela cruz / john paul verdera antido / gretchen flores &am...

Home Taping is Killing Music

A quick note to let you know what's happening in the word of Home Taping is Killing Music... ...there's piles of new reviews and interviews online at our site http://www.hometapingiskillingmusic.info including A.R.E. Weapons, Electric Six and a particularly fine interview with Motorhead... ...coming up v'soon on Friday August 8th is the next Home Taping club night @ The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, with very special live guest: y-fronted lothario Har Mar Superstar plus the regular Home Tapi...


Euroscreen21 brings together video/multimedia artists loosely applying the idea of what is Europe today and how does an artist consider the concept of 'home' as a place of demeur in one of those countries. Starting from the initial idea and concept of Judith Nothnagel, Media Artist, Curator, Euroscreen21 depicts these parallel realities, for some very close to the skin, for some more politically involved, for some as a very inherent landscape as such. Nevertheless all the films have one commo...

MIR from Denmark

A KONTORA MIR CONTRIBUTION FROM Helen Varley Jamieson, New Zealand helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst http://www.creative-catalyst.com http://www.avatarbodycollision.org http://www.writerfind.com/hjamieson.htm _/ _/ _/ NoToWar _/ _/ _/ No Censure  _/ _/ _/ NoToWar _/ _/ _/ No CensureÂ&nbsp...

Neural n. 20

ABBONATI per un anno! tre numeri + un cd di elettronica a 19,60 euro. http://neural.it/subscribe/ [Sommario Neural n.20] . Geert Lovink intervista, Hackit 2002, . Howard Rheingold intervista, . Tommaso Tozzi intervista, . news (Plug'n'pray, Wikipedia, Injunction Generator, Swappingtons). . reviews: (Mitnick-Art of Deception, The Future of Ideas, Sarai Reader 02, Netocracy, Hacker Culture,...) . Carsten Nicolai (intervista), . Micromusic.net (intervista), . Otolab (...

The Work Called Kitano

claudio rocchetti - The Work Called Kitano (Barlamuerte/Audioglobe) 9t - 30:32 "Si tratta di un work in progress, tutt'ora in corso, che può conseguire risultati considerevoli, dal momento che il Rocchetti è musicista dotato di una forte personalità e di un linguaggio piuttosto personale. Utilizzando soprattutto marchingegni analogici - quando non addirittura uno strumentario classico fatto di chitarre, pianoforti e contrabbassi - fa quasi tutto da ...

VARIANT, Issue 17

VARIANT, Issue 17, Spring 2003 http://www.variant.org.uk ..the free, independent, arts magazine. In-depth coverage in the context of broader social, political & cultural issues. Variant 17 Spring 2003 Complete text http://www.variant.org.uk/17texts/issue17.html Complete pdf http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue17/Variant17.pdf Stop the War: Stop the Killing Edward Said The internationally renowned Palestinian intellectual expresses his views on the invasion of Iraq and the ...

fAf July 03

fineArt forum - art + technology netnews http://www.fineartforum.org http://www.cdes.qut.edu.au/fineart_online After a short break, fAf returns this month with a full listing of news, events and opportunities in the field of art, science and technology. CURRENT CALLS Check out current calls and job opportunities including: - trAce's TEXTLAB electronic and experimental writers residentialschools - Videotage seeks video and animation for Hong Kong Screenings - Webcasting Curator posit...

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