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Game Art Archives - games development section: Update 4 sees work from Bernstrup, Mengbo, Dries and Jodi The selectparks game art archives are an international link database of work by artists using computer games. Sound installations, First-Person-Shooter-Situationist-Dance-Art, Shotgun paintings and VJ-ing all acheived 'in-game' through modifications, visceral hacks and hardware adulterations of game technologies. Please continue to send us your work, and bear with us if we're a few ...

Start a Riot at The Whitney Biennial

Tomorrow is the official opening of the Whitney Museum's Biennial. For those of you who won't be visiting the show, visit http://potatoland.org/riot and start a Riot at the Whitney. Riot is part Web browser, part blender. Like it's real-world namesake, Riot disrupts accepted rules of property and exposes the fragility of territorial boundaries. In short: it breaks things. Enter a URL in the location bar and Riot tears apart the text, images and links of that web page, then combines them wi...

Join Kinetics

Convergent Media Program, Department of Radio-TV-Film, University of Texas at Austin presents... Kinetics, a new listserv devoted to conversations about: experimental media analog and digital exchange post-cinematics and synaesthetic production To subscribe, send an email to listproc@lists.cc.utexas.edu Include in the body of the text: subscribe kinetics yourfirstname yourlastname soon after you will receive a confirmation email with further details and specific informa...

Plural maps: lost in São Paulo

Net art project Plural maps: lost in São Paulo is a collaborative project on the WWW that is going to be shown at 25 São Paulo Biennial, next March. The idea of Plural maps: lost in São Paulo is to use cyberspace to create a multidimensional cartography of São Paulo. This cartography will be constructed by the choices sent by netcitizens and some other points like webcams showing traffic avenues and cultural centers. Based on an op...

Inner City

by Stanza 2002 A new audio project based on the visual and expressive appearances of world cities. online at www.thecentralcity.co.uk [Inner City ]... 2002 Sections inside include virosity. artitexture. blackstar. complicity. cuboxis. intoxcity. megalopolis.organicity. phyletcity.revolver. utopias. Continuing the search for the "soul of the city". The idea is to go deeper into analogies for the organic identity of the city. Inner City is an audio visual, interactive, interne...

chair et métal

[Français] Le numéro de printemps de chair et métal est maintenant en ligne http://www.chairetmetal.com - Richard Barbeau: réfléchit à la latéralisation du cerveau. - Suren Erkman: nous propose une réflexion sur l'écologie industrielle. Comment intégrer l'industrie à un modèle écologique durable. - Alexandre Leupi...

DIAN – Digital Interactive Artists’ Network

February: DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network - Our focus for the month of February is SHIRIN KOULADJIE. We proudly present her work: "n3xt" http://dian-network.com/navigation.html n3xt is a series of loops, with the emphasis on plain space around objects, exaggerated movements and sound. As I learned the value of using repetitious elements and silence, there came a corresponding use in the choice and arrangement of my compositions. Certain schemes begin to prod...

low-fi update 03

guestlist: Mike Stubbs on channel hopping. low-fi list: surveillance/java jems/Keith Obadike's Blackness [for sale]. http://www.blasttheory.co.uk/kidnap [Blast Theory] http://absurd.org [absurd] http://Obadike.tripod.com/ebay.html [Keith Obadike] http://www.whitney.org/artport/idealine [Martin Wattenberg] Blast theory's kidnap site archives their 1998 webcast and chatroom where a voluntary hostage was held for 48 hours. The hostage was the lucky winner of a lottery. The site immers...

UbuWeb/EPC – Mp3_archive

UbuWeb Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry http://www.ubu.com and The Electronic Poetry Center http://epc.buffalo.edu are pleased to announce the launch of UbuWeb/EPC - Mp3_archive http://www.ubu.com/mp3 UbuWeb Visual, Concrete, + Sound Poetry and The Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo are pleased to announce the launch of the Internet's largest MP3 archive of Sound Poetry and related audio materials. The files are currently for download only but multiple bandwidth strea...

Post Media Network

Michele Thursz, the former Director of Moving Image Gallery, is proud to present her latest project the Post Media Network: http://www.michelethursz.com/ The network operates as a physical and virtual structure composed of editorial, curatorial, and artists projects that stresses the different perspectives and uses of the electronic and computer-based mediums. Post Media is an action demonstrating the continuous evolution of the term and uses of media. The network promotes actions of co...

Boogie Machine 0.3.0

a work in progress... An experiment in the collaboration of dance, web and interactive art in two parts; a streaming dance performance, and an interactive choreography work. The choreography uses sharp, staccato movements not so typical in contemporary/modern dance genres (such as traditional Graham or Limon techniques etc), combined with smooth connecting movements. Essentially, wannaboogie applies both fluid and sharp moves, composed using Contemporary/Modern dance techniques in the actu...

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