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Art & Language

Introduction to the Website Blurting in A & L online The website of Art & Language within the website of ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, http://www.zkm.de) presents the lexicon "Blurting in A & L" (1973) in an online version (http://blurting-in.zkm.de) because a translation into hypertext is feasible: Michael Corris and Mel Ramsden noted connections between 408 entries/annotations/blurts by other American members of Art & Lang...


Coniglioviola announces that at last the videoclips of the experimental project "Dissoluzioni" are on line. The clips are created trough the exclusive use of Flash and photos and are inspired by the music of the italian electronic band MODHO - www.modho.it). You can see them at the url www.coniglioviola.com/video.htm For more info write to webzoo@coniglioviola.comWebsite: www.coniglioviola.com/video.htmEmail: webzoo@coniglioviola.com

The New Forms Festival

Vancouver August 1-4 Call for Volunteers NFF invites you to show good form Vancouver's New Forms Festival celebrates emerging art forms by presenting mixed media performances of music, visual, and digital art. The New Forms Festival runs August 1-4, 2002. http://www.capitalmag.com/newformsfestival/ Last year, the first annual New Forms Festival featured three dynamic evenings of performances by more than fifty artists, musicians, DJs, dancers, writers, and body artists at te...

[poietic-generator] Elisa’s questionnaire

The French, English, and Italian versions of this message follow. FRANCAIS Bonjour, La dernier session du générateur poïétique s'est très bien déroulée, merci pour votre participation. Malheureusement, très peu de participants ont pu répondre au questionnaire que j'avais préparé, car le serveur sur lequel il était hÃ&copy...

The Helpless Robot

Norman White http://www.year01.com/helpless Year Zero One is pleased to present the source code for Norman White's interactive robotic project, The Helpless Robot. The Helpless Robot is an artificial personality that responds to the behavior of humans by using its electronic voice which speaks a total of 512 phrases. The speech that is delivered depends on its present and past experience of "emotions" ranging from boredom, frustration, arrogance,and overstimulation. Since 198...


a multimedia performance based on a hermetic-alchemistical text by Apollonius Tyanaeus A Video-performance and a Composition for voice, violin, clarinets, percussion and electronics, with 3 Video-screens and 4 Loudspeakers by Hans van Eck and Arie van Schutterhoef. The Basis The origin of the text Nuctemeron is very unclear. Apollonius Tyanaeus, a teacher from the school of Pythagoras, is mentioned as the author. The earliest publication is by Lorenzo de Mosheim in Amsterdam in 1721. T...

Tropical America

http://www.tropicalamerica.com A game about the true histories of the Americas... Launch Columbus Day! Debut Friday, October 11th @ 5pm Race in Digital Space Conference MOCA Auditorium, Los Angeles Inspired by the similarly titled mural by David Alfaro Siqueros- subsequently whitewashed in Los Angeles in 1932- Tropical America explores the causes and effects of the erasure of history. From the battles of Bolivar, to the single-crop economy of Cuba, the myth of El Dorado and the poe...

HEXA: Derivation & Spread

Hexa Project is a media art festival that is to be launched as a part of the 'cyber mind project' of "media_city seoul 2002" (The 2nd International Media Art Biennal) Hexa is an endlessly evolving project which is regulary updated by media artist's participation. It is an unfinished ongoing task. The evolution of Hexa will be activated simultaneously with media artist's participation. Hexa absorbs various genres such as web art, video art, sound art, digital photo and any other t...

virus corp

virus corp is in the montreal biennale. the 1st link is the main page of the biennale and go to WEB ART on the left side, or you can use the 2nd link and find my name on the left side (tara bethune-leamen). thank you for looking, and thank you to all who worked on it! (also-my new website will be up soon.) tara http://www.ciac.ca/biennale2002/en/information.htm http://www.ciac.ca/no_16/en/cadre.htm " Le chassé doit découvrir comment devenir le chasseur ...


Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 45 now available for download, retrograde release no. 5, june 2002: Retrofuturism 16 description: http://psrf.detritus.net/r/16/index.html direct download: http://psrf.detritus.net/pdf/r16.pdf Description. "One World One Virus." Not unusually, media critiques form the core of this dispatch. Negativland files a report detailing their views on the Island Records vs. SST/Negativland case over the provocatively named recording U2. The Im...

The Love Letter Collection

Share Your Love The Love Letter Collection (http://collectiveexperience.org) is currently seeking more love. Visit and read the current collection (you might find a letter written to you). Contribute to the collection using our anonymous form. your letter can be a letter you've sent or received, or a letter you'd like to send but can't. The love can be a fantasy love, desperate love, bitter love, unrequited love, true love, impossible love, naive love, despairing love or lost love. ...

Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New Media

Contact: Seth Thompson 330.375.0927 seththompson@wigged.net New Documentary Profiles Four Artists Who Use Computer Technology To Create Innovative Artwork Akron, Ohio-June 4, 2002- Media artist Seth Thompson recently completed the documentary Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New Media. The hour-long documentary focuses on four internationally recognized artists and how their work has evolved from traditional disciplines into the form now coined "New Media." Featu...


Skyscraper is a neverending, permanent growing web based project celebrates its first birthday. With 191 floor it is the biggest virtual building in the world. It lets your dreams become reality to proper your own space in a skyscraper. There is no requirement to submit the real identification or a real url. The new created floor with the registered name and date of the creation is sent to the asco-o mailing list.Website: http://skyscraper.trashconnection.com

A Similar Place

Artengine is very pleased to announce "A Similar Place", a new net art work by Matthijs de Bruijne. This project is Artengine first guest curated project featuring a European artist. Last December 2001, Matthijs de Bruijne traveled for the second time to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This time he brought with him 14 photographs of images from Amsterdam. The purpose was to look for similar sites in Buenos Aires of generic places - such as restaurants, trains, roads, fences, houses - tha...


Interarchive Publication (Kunstraum Lueneburg) interarchive publicationFrom: kunstraum@uni-lueneburg.de The Kunstraum der Universität Lüneburg is happy to announce: Interarchive Archival Practices and Sites in the Contemporary Art Field Available from June 6th, 2002 in Kassel at the documenta 11 in the container of the Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Friedrichsplatz. Beatrice von Bismarck, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Diethelm Stoller, Ulf ...

Instrument 3… an interactive music and poetry environment

this is an invitation to... http://www.lewislacook.com/instrument3.html Instrument 3 by Lewis LaCook an interactive music and poetry environment Flash 5 plug-in speakers on http://www.lewislacook.com/selections.html Personal Site, e-books and web art http://www.geocities.com/llacook/index.htmlWebsite: http://www.lewislacook.com/instrument3.html

HF Critical Mass software

v1.0 Software HF Critical Mass is freely available software, which is based on a 1971 film by Hollis Frampton titled "Critical Mass". HF CRITICAL MASS adopts the structure of the earlier film as an interface for improvising playback of digital video (quicktime movies). Mac and Windows versions for download at: http://www.wildernesspuppets.net/hfcm/ The films of the late Hollis Frampton spanned the late 1960s through the early 1980s. His work, Critical Mass, is one of a...

haikuGen [mailing list remixer]

haikuGen is a basic bot that remixes haikus available on Five7Five mailing-list archives: http://www.erational.org/netart/haikugen/ get our own haiku for free ! You could sleep out there. The night is perfectly safe, to the following addresses. Now that the door's never the thing to deliver your message Midday is vision coloured with fatigue. The air is the same or worse Get personalized email addresses from Yahoo! Mail Hi. All the steps forgotten does n...

Idiolect 6

Call For Submissions Idiolect 6 is seeking poetry, visual art, hypermedia, interactive machines, and sounds for its incarnation this fall. If interested, please e-mail as an attachment or as inline text to llacook@yahoo.com Please: No huge image files. And please keep MP3s under 1 MB... (Would also like to see some essays, some theory... but it would also be okay if I didn't, no?) http://www.lewislacook.com/selections.html Personal Site, e-books and web art http://www.geocities....

Net.Art Portrait of Edie Sedgwick

A Single-Page, Six Rule Compliant Work of Net.Art by Eryk Salvaggio http://www.salsabomb.com/edie/edie.html As a note, I'd like to say that this piece develops slowly, and does more than you might expect at first glance. I've grown very fond of it aesthetically but sat on it for a while because it seems derivitive- JODI's code, Warhol's Photo - but I've grown to like it more for that exact reason. I just think it's a remarkably pretty piece, once it really gets going. Feedback Apprec...

Artornot – Online Art Rating Game

At http://www.artornot.org you can submit all data imaginable. You can either submit an existing URL or picture files from your hard drive. There is no single person, no fixed jury or institution that rates whether the submitted works are art or not. The users visiting the artornot website vote themselves on a scale from 10-0 (art-or-not). Each month, there are two winners who win cash. On the one hand the artist of the best rated work, on the other one of the users who rated for this wo...


DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network http://dian-network.com June: DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network Our focus for the month of June is MOTOMICHI NAKAMURA. We proudly present his work: "QRIME" http://dian-network.com/navigation.html In this occasion "Qrime" deals with questions, as manifested in primitive legends and myths, of natural human curiosity towards violent themes, discriminatory acts inflicted towards those whose differences arise s...

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