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Shopping Windows Part II

Telepolis presents Shopping Windows Part II The second part of the Internet art exhibition "Shopping Windows" has been launched. The ongoing exhibition with the full title "Shopping Windows - net art after the age of e- commerce" shows new works commissioned by Telepolis: "i.d.k.a.t." by lia "Untitled-Game version of 'My boyfriend came back from the war'" by JODI "Expand, an interface" by Shu Lea Cheang Lia's work "i.d.k.a.t." is the latest in a series of works that "attempt to...

NetSoundArt for Tibetans, Chinese and Japanese

A threefold internet art piece by Wolf Kahlen in Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese language is online since today. The visitor may hear a piece of world literature of these countries, the first page at least. If he is patient enough to find out on a blank page, with the mouse in motion, the sound of the words hidden in the background like on a book page. This automatically turns out to be a game, since any move of the mouse touches another word. Until the underlying structure has been found out, ...

Video @ 45 Below

CALL FOR VIDEO Jasmine Moorhead and Rebekah Rutkoff, in collaboration with The Culture Project, are pleased to announce the initiation of Jaraf: Video @ 45 Below, a monthly program of video art. The series will begin in September and be held in the newly renovated space below the 45 Bleecker Theater at the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette Streets in downtown Manhattan. Jaraf will emphasize the specific potential of the medium of video, presenting the work of artists who are exploring the b...

Focus.01 – Outside The Electronic Monastery

Personal > Expression > Cultural > Multi-Cultural < Communication < Cross-Cultural New Media > Cross-Media > Variable Media < Emergent Media < Maturity < Mastery Archie Degamo | Eldar Karhalev | Sunit S. Sehgal | Sarawut Chutiwongpeti Manila, Philippines | St. Petersburg, Russia | Mumbai, India | Bangkok, Thailand Other Featured Artists: Hung Keung >> Hong Kong Kristian Thomas >> Australia || Mihaila Constantina >> Romania Strengths: Degam...

Smart, Sexy and Healthy

The Banff New Media Institute is looking for Artists/Writers/Theorists to participate in a discursively rich and provocative Think Tank this coming September entitled Smart, Sexy, Healthy (see description below). Cultural producers who engage with the technological revamping of the physical by visioning other spaces, places, and experiences are asked to contribute and be a part of the six year legacy of high wire networking and sublime nature that comprises the Banff New Media Institute. Smar...


Artengine is pleased to announce the release of Video4jmax 0.2.2, a set of objects for manipulating images and video in real-time for jMax. jMax is a visual programming environment for real-time music and multi-media from IRCAM, France. video4jmax runs on the Linux OS and can be downloaded from: http://www.artengine.ca/jmax/video4jmax/download/ The documentation is available under: http://www.artengine.ca/jmax/video4jmax/latest/doc/ And the source code can be consulted at: http://www.ar...

a.Rss: artist resource sharing system

introducing a.Rss, the artist resource sharing system (open.source for art data) - what is the a.Rss? a.Rss is based on the idea of a free appropriation system for artists, musicians, and designers working in the digital realm. the mass availability of production related software and information on the internet is overwhelmingly disproportionate to the mass of source data files for individuals to use in their own work. the internet is constantly being hailed as a haven for interaction betw...

Días de Bioarte

English below DÍAS DE BIOARTE07_ Inauguración: 16 Marzo, 20:00h. Espacio de Consulta_Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona Proyecto de CAPSULA Días de Bioarte es un proyecto en curso que pretende crear un espacio de debate y exposición dedicado al arte biológico y vivo como reflejo del interés puesto en la actualidad en las ciencias de la vida y la influencia que éstas ejercen en la cultura y el arte. Creado y coordinado por CAPSULA, Días de Bioarte tuvo su inicio en el 2006 por medio ...

Premio Metauro In Rete

E’ arrivato al quarto anno il concorso letterario “Premio Metauro In Rete”, organizzato dalla Mediateca e Biblioteca Comunale di Urbania insieme alla Comunità Montana dell’Alto e Medio Metauro. L’iniziativa, promossa dallo scrittore Umberto Piersanti, già presidente del Premio Metauro, si rivolge soprattutto ai giovani. Ognuno è invitato a scrivere un brano per proseguire una storia iniziata da altri. La scrittrice Rossella Milone ha iniziato un racconto che ognuno è invitato a continuare colleg...

SP/M Sonnet

SP/M Sonnet can't stop stupid junk mail, you receive daily. However, it will entertain you. In your mailbox, you can find titles as V.I./.G.R./., organs enlargements, easy earnings, etc. Teo Spiller, net.artist from Ljubljana thinks it is a new kind of slang. Somebody tries to draw our attention, use only few words in the subject of e-mail and is very advertising aggressive. There are also many properties of technical nature: to outwit spam filters by usage of dots between characters, replace...

my mission

My mission - update July 2004 "My Mission" The ongoing collection of textual self-representations in form of artistic statements -> as part of "{self}_representation 2003" - the new show on Le Musee di-visioniste www.le-musee-divisioniste.org or www.le-musee-divisioniste.org/start1.htm launched on 30 september 2003 the project has meanwhile 81 entries these artists are added recently MM, Brian Routh, Marcello Mercado, Volker-Behrend Peters, Veronica C. Wilkinson David Hlongwane,...

Hyperdialog, Beta 01

Condensed Presentation of Hyperdialog, Beta 01 Part 1: The Fundamentals Ola Alexander Frisk Text, 22 pages, as pdf-file at Download Page http://home4.swipnet.se/~w-44374/hyperdialog/download.htm Hyperdialog is about to scrap the tradition to not tolerate things, others, ideas or situations that seems to create "conflicts" that are unacceptable, unusable or impossible. Hyperdialog is also about our need of contradictions and the process of dialog that we use to reach new ide...

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