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Game Art Archives

To access the archives go to www.selectparks.net and then over to the "games development" section. You'll notice that the title "Messed-Up Games" was dropped in preference for "Games Development", which we feel better represents the progressive attitude of those working in this field. Also it represents a strategic diversion from the development interests of the wider computer/video games industry, though ironically last week two contributors were contacted by ma...

iSee: Paths of Least Surveillance

Introduction iSee (http://www.appliedautonomy.com/isee/) is a web-based application mapping the locations of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras* in urban environments. With iSee, users find routes that avoid these cameras - paths of least surveillance - in order to walk around their cities without fear of being "caught on tape" by unregulated security monitors. * The camera location data for iSee was provided by the New York Surveillance Camera Project (http://...

Korea Web Art Festival

The first Korea Web Art Festival: "Alone Together," curated by Marc Voge, features exclusive new work by the following artists: - Mark Amerika - Candy Factory - Critical Art Ensemble - Entropy8Zuper! - Lisa Jevbratt - Sean Kerr - Talan Memmott - Motomichi Nakamura - Beth Stryker + Sawad Brooks - Superbad - YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES - 0100101110101101.ORG Website: http://www.koreawebart.org


Mirage is a Web-based narrative project that examines the dissonance between the romantic expectations of travel and the realities of place. Based on a journey to Morocco, Mirage embeds ostensibly neutral 'tourist' photos with contradictory narratives exposing a complex of economic, social, historical and psychological realities. Mirage addresses the complex relationship of experience and expectation, examining elements of voyerism, escapism, cultural confusion and mythification. It presents alt...

The Internet as a River in Flux

Sick of online browsing that follows the traditional page-by-page format? Victor Liu See-le's "The Slow Arrow of Beauty" lets you access the Internet as if it's an ever-changing river of information. "Slow Arrow" is a Java applet which searches for content that's merely related to the user's request via algorithms (which the user can play with). It serves up the goods in several simultaneous waterfalls of data.Website: http://www.n-gon.com/SlowArrow/

Virtual Chora

50MB to upload anytime, anything Announcement: Virtual Chora (a net-art work from Cyberarts Exhibition, a part of NOKIA Singapore Art Festival) - a welcoming 50MB of cyberspace at my home-site, www.virtualchora.com. Upload without password, anything, anytime. Path/server name: virtualchora.com. To know more, go to www.aristarkhova.org to be properly welcomed and instructed. Website: http://www.virtualchora.com

Revision History v.3

update: generative collage software for re-mixing the American Memories Collections at the Library of Congress (revising history once again) Revision History v.3 - download for Macintosh (1 MB) http://www.revisionhistory.org/data/Revision_History_3.hqx results: http://www.revisionhistory.org/ enjoy j.deKam http://node.net/ Website: http://www.revisionhistory.org/


13 track ep Available at cipher, o-o institutio media http://www.o-o.lt/cipher "When we listen to electronic music we can sometimes identify the software that was used to create it - we 'hear' the original programmer's code" - Hacking Sound In Context, Alex McLean 20010505, 13 track electroacoustic ep from the group Slub, comprised of two digital artists Alex McLean and Adrian Ward. Alex McLean is well-known for his artworks produced by placing computers under high load. Ade Wa...

Christmas Lights & Snowflakes

Online exhibits by Rick Doble Christmas Lights http://www.rickdoble.net/christmas Newly updated Christmas exhibit is now online. 100+ photos, including 20+ brand new ones. Real photographs of dozens of homes and displays. Are Christmas lights true folk art? Snowflakes http://www.rickdoble.net/snow Four different snowflake exhibits. 60+ images. "Digital snowflakes are falling on the Internet." These Are My Most Popular Shows: About 20,000 hits each year. NEW ONLINE...


viewsouce is nungu's resume, embedded in its html code. nungu is a digital entity - a human / a cyborg / a piece of codework / a mutating virus - - with its own peculiar characteristics, whims, contradicitons, ambitions. its resume is a first person piece of code[text]work and details nungu's characteristics alongside those of its creators. nungu is the interface, the [authors] remain in the background, they are the source code. [SURFACE] nungu's entry/index pages are chosen at random from a...

Incident.Net v.5

Vadim Bernard, Gregory Chatonsky, Karen Dermineur (KRN), Marika Dermineur, Reynald Drouhin, Julie Morel & Michael Sellam are presenting the last version of Incident.net, an interdisciplinary platform founded in 1995. Incident.net is broadening its field of investigation (Flash & PHP): the viewer navigates various visual surfaces and sound narrations. Mixing the random, exploration and fragments to information on contemporary artistic production, Incident.net also proposes publishing ...


Hello we invite you to discover a new web site dedicated to contemporary art on the web : http://www.unbehagen.com Its concept : "Describe your symptom, we'll make an art piece out of it" Four pieces are already online. You will also see a video of John F Simon Jr's studio in New York. If you wish to continue receiving news from unbehagen.com, please subscribe to its newsletter. You'll be kept informed of the release of new art pieces online. Christophe Bruno, Val&Atilde...

Time As Space – 2001

time as space takes the direction of time as color (2000) and relates it to the body in a less ocular way. eleven rulers span out from an arbitrary point in the corner of the room, with x = 12" y = 60" and z = 60" allowing one to step in and out of time. view documentation:Website: http://userpages.umbc.edu/~cotto1/timeasspace.html

Document 9-1-1

Document 9-1-1 explores the psychological counter-intelligence of surveillance, paranoia, and terror in response to September 11th, 2001. This piece was originally commissioned for the CBC's (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) "120Seconds.com" new media website, and can be found at: http://www.120seconds.com - Use the Search engine to find "Document 9-1-1;" it is also currently featured in the "Experiments" section. 1. 9-1-1 and the Shockwave of Trauma 9-1...

Poems for Echelon

Creates different visual-textual structures and randomly inserts key words Echelon, big internet spy infrastructure is capturing around the internet. User can copy-paste the text and send it in e-mail. Echelon my sensor this poem and have some extra unnecessary work (goal: protest against invading in people in time by intelligence service also without reason), user on the other hand can enjoy visual-textual esthetic of the poem. Poem refers to visual poetry and conceptual art. Information on ...

Voices of Sdefinizioni

La redazione di Sdefinizioni Art Mag sta lavorando alla costruzione di un archivio delle voci degli artisti italiani e stranieri. L'archivio sarà sudiviso in due sezioni: contemporanea e storica. Ogni artista avrà a disposizione 30 secondi per dire ciò che gli pare: per sdefinirsi, parlare dei propri lavori, raccontarsi. I files devono essere prodotti con un qualsiasi sound editor con le caratteristiche riportate qui sotto. I dati sono i seguenti: RAte 22.050 kHz Bits 8 Channels Mono ...

Announcing Bernhard Gal’s third Solo-CD!

Released on Intransitive Recordings, USA. http://www.create-transmit.com/intransitive/ http://www.bernhardgal.com The work of Austrian sound artist Bernhard Gal is concerned with the discovery (as opposed to the imposition) of musical structures within the nuances of everyday life. The stammering in the spaces of spoken language, the ubiquitous noise of urban environments, the steady stream of buzzes and whirrs that are a byproduct of mass transportation, all become subjects examined un...

Poem 2

Lazy Hypertext Poets, Look Here Maybe you feel like writing hypertext poetry... but you're lazy. Well, have you ever checked out Teo Spiller's handy work of net art, "Poem 2"? You type in text and it's transformed into hypertext. Not only that, but the site provides definitions for every single word and will provide hyperlinks to other online locations where this word has been used (and more).Website: http://www.teo-spiller.org/poem2/


Some new(ish) work online (actually old work redone for the internet). A sound piece entitled "Mailstory" which is featured in the newly relaunched http://www.slackerbonding.com/ the review and link to the work, can be found by going to x-posed > gallery > mailstory or directly ... http://www.slackerbonding.com/x_posed.php?i=06&a=gallery/MailStoryby and the work can be found at ... http://www.asquare.org/mailstory/bottom.htmlWebsite: http://www.slackerbonding.com/

ConceptBid.org, a capitalism simulator

Introducing ConceptBid, a publishing, exhibition, and market platform for conceptual art: http://conceptbid.org Using the ConceptBid service, you can upload conceptual art, view it, "sell" it, or "buy" it (aquire its "owner" attribution) using auction mechanisms. ConceptBid is a self-contained socio-economic system with its own currency. The ConceptBid system includes functions analogous to those used by a central bank that serve to inject liquidity into th...

artzine: a new e-journal on Art and Technology

Dear prospect contributor/s, With great pleasure we present to you artzine, a new e-journal on Art and Technology currently in its second issue (Sept.-Dec. 2001). artzine is bilingual (english-greek) and unique of its kind in Greece at the moment. Every four issues a CD-ROM will be compiled containing all material available. In addition to that, a special edition of selected articles and interviews will be distributed to contributors, Universities, Research and Cultural Centers, Museums and Gal...

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