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ARRAS: new media poetry and poetics

http://www.arras.net 1. new "acrobat resources" page 2. new additions to gallery 3. new additions to sites with legs 4. variation on batties 1. introducing a new page - "acrobat resources" http://www.arras.net/acrobat.htm .pdf files on the web of value to readers of poetry if you know of other resources, please tell me includes: Philly Talks Starting in 1998, Louis Cabri and the Kelly Writer's House have coordinated this important series of exchange...


A website for new experiments in audio visual entertainment, sound and interactive art. Introduction In recognition of the pioneering experimental works continually being produced by artists for the internet Soundtoys.net has been established to provide a space for the exhibition of exciting new works by a growing community of audio visual artists, while also providing a forum for discourse around new technologies and the nature of soundtoys. The site is intended to provide a meeting point f...

fAf 15th Travelling Screening Program

Call for screening venues fineArtforum presents its inaugural 15th fAf Anniversary Travelling Screening Program Premiered @ Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival (Brisbane) & Digital Media Festival (Philippines) Works include * A Friday's Prayer (Malaysia) - Tan Jin Ho * Imagine (New Zealand) - Raewyn Turner * Cog (Australia) - Irina Goundortseva * Microwave (Singapore/USA) - Tan Pin Pin * Dissect (Australia) - Tina Gonsalves * Derman (Singapore) - Michel Kao, Eldred Tjie, Andr...


new site on-line 01.01.2002 http://acoustic.space.re-lab.net/lab From August 4-12, 2001, twenty five media artists and activists from three different continents gathered together at Irbene, in the forests of western Latvia, at the site of a Soviet-era 32meter dish antenna. Formerly used to spy on satellite transmissions between Europe and North America by the KGB, the antenna was abandoned and nearly destroyed when the Russians departed in 1994. The dish is currently under repair for civilan...


From Bruxelles an international and multi-langual group free radio/media can be heared on Internet. 24h00 around the day till Saturdaynight (European-time) life broadcasts with reviews, scene-reports and other actuality's from the D14-Eurotop-demonstrations in Bruxellesverslaggeving vanwege de D14 demonstraties/Eurotop. Pick a link: http://freeteam.nl:8000/bruxxel http://freeteam.xs4all.nl:8000/bruxxel http://radio.us1.indymedia.org:8000/bruxxel http://www.autistici.org:8000/bruxxel http...

gsm.art info

"mobile trilogy" micro gsm/gps/wap.art trilogy, 1999-2000 http://www2.arnes.si/~ljintima1/mt "wap.sonnet - microbe.4 / wap.art" WAP based artistic project for GSM WAP mobile phones, May 2000 http://www2.arnes.si/~ljintima3/sonet.html "microbe.3 / GPS.art" intimate satellite communications art project / April 2000 http://www2.arnes.si/~ljintima1/gps "gsm.art" intimate mobile communications art, 1999 http://www2.arnes.si/~ljintima1/gsmart...

net-art01 nominations

After some delay from normal schedule ... nominations are open for net-art01, the fourth annual edition of the open and democratic arena for 'net-art' projects visit http://club.net-art.ws (as you will notice the domain has changed to www.net-art.ws or www.net- art01.org from http://www.net-art.org which was kidnapped for ransom by russian porn e-mafia type) net-art01 is kindly hosted online by warp-interactive and Monbro of London AND non-virtually hosted by the squatted pub and ...


Fifteen billion SMS (Short Messaging Service) cell phone messages are sent globally, every month. It's not hard to imagine that most of those are sent within in the UK. Perhaps as a response to the costly and inefficient regulation of telephone and internet service in the UK, the mobile phone has supplanted other forms of communication as the speediest, most desirable way to chat. SMS is everywhere. Candy bar wrappers prompt impulse buyers to "TXT 4 GRT PRZS," and everyone is producing...


videowork: http://www.computerfinearts.com/3.html goal http://www.computerfinearts.com/goal/index.html pecker http://www.computerfinearts.com/pecker/index.html hollyland http://www.computerfinearts.com/hollyland/index.html dakro http://www.computerfinearts.com/dakro/index.html * recommended: DSL+, java enabled, quicktime 5.02, Explorer 5+ Website: http://www.computerfinearts.com/3.html

Want to buy ASCII art

'bc' would like to buy your ASCII art. S/he indicates a willingness to pay up to $300(cd) each for quality works of ASCII art on http://conceptbid.org. To add your art, click the 'Add art' button. You are welcome to use HTML tags such as tt, font, etc. to format your ASCII art and highlight it with color.Website: http://conceptbid.org

Le Musee di-visioniste

Le Musee di-visioniste is happy to launch a series of *Featured Artists* online. The 1st edition was published in November 2001 featuring Steve Tanza (STANZA), London Based net artist and his online art projects. Now, the 2nd edition is online, featuring three artists from most different artistic and cultural backgrounds and countries. ***A) Feature 1. Wayne Quilliam, aboriginal photographer/artist who is documenting very intensively the Australian indigenous culture and traditions. ...

Computer game conversions

ADAM_KILLER, 2000 computer game conversion www.tmpspace.com/adam_killer WHITE_PICNIC_GLITCH, 2001 computer game conversion www.tmpspace.com/white_picnic_glitch My history is up for grabs. I will set up trade alliances, and enter into truces. Or will I just let my Babylonian Bowmen rain terror down on my enemies' heads. I will lead a team of specialists into an abyss of vast caverns, snake-like passageways and luring dead-ends. I will command squads with precision and power using a GPS,...

call for hope

project hope - call for (new media, net art, cyberpoetry) works collecting[reflecting]spreading hope cumulating (positive) energy esprit light balance "chi" hope hope@nonfinito.de In these dark times, we are finding people in pain, people suicidal, people sick with worry, people with the threatening dark sky; in these dark times, we seem to sense the beginning of the end, or at least the end of the beginning. This is a call for work, for hope; this is a...

50% story

Keywords: password protection, decoding, photo documentarism. From: December 2 2001 URL: http://www.peterlind.org/aperture.html HowTo: Navigate among password protected images, enter the correct passwords to reveal the entire images (it¥s not that difficult). YoU: Find yourself in a reality that is filtered and encrypted and where access is restricted. The project is Java based, platform independent, and requires no plug-ins. Peter Lind http://www.peterlind.orgWebsi...


MTAA unveil the second in a series of 'Updates' on the Whitney's artport site: vitoAcconciUpdate (http://artport.whitney.org) MTAA's 'Updates' automate and update seminal works of conceptual / process art. The vitoAcconciUpdate resounds Acconci's 'Seedbed' performance from 1972. You can see the first in the series, onKawaraUpdate, at http://www.rhizome.org/splash/mtaa notes: need flash plug-in; fast connection is good, but not necessary (it takes a long time to load); works best, we're ...


artist: peter luining/ ctrlaltdel.org description: create polyphonic audio_visuals with 6 pointers(=cursors) or less at once browser: explorer 4 or higher, netscape 4 or higher plugin: shockwave 8 or higher url: http://www.w139.nl/peterluining.htm commissioned for w139 "site: specific" program artspace w139, warmoesstraat 139, 1012 JB Amsterdam, the Netherlands Website: http://www.w139.nl/peterluining.htm


Hello, This e-mail is sent to let you know of my latest web-project. This one is based on the essay "Grids" by Rosalind Krauss, and heavily influenced by Lev Manovich's book The Language of New Media. The address is: http://www.navasse.net/grids/Rosalyngrids.swf If you find the project interesting, please visit my website to see previous pieces. Eduardo Navas http://www.navasse.netWebsite: http://www.navasse.net/grids/Rosalyngrids.swf

Timepiece (8am) part of Electric December 2001

Timepiece/Here Nor There the 24 hours of the day are represented by the 24 "presents" of this years Electric December calendar (sponsored by Guardian Unlimited and the Watershed). The presents open up each day in turn, in the run up to christmas. For day 8/8am (8/12/01) Here Nor There collaborators Annie Lovejoy and Neil Jenkins have researched and developed "Timepiece" a 24 hour map/clock with links to live web cameras and web radio from different places in the world. ...

WorldView 2002

We are a group, operating from DV.com (Community > Forums > Cinema Electronica), planning on making in the coming year a global portrait, to be posted on the internet, and at the conclusion turned into an installation work and perhaps some kind of linear cinema piece to show in festivals or other suitable venues. Our present plan is that participants shoot a one minute shot each week, under a minimal bit of aesthetic and topical guidance so as to make the total communal work coherent. O...

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