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8 Bits or Less

WristcamVideo Shocking Video Reveals Truth About Situationist Alien Abductions! "8 Bits or Less" (by artist Patrick Lichty, with DJ Voyd remix of music by the NYC-based 8-Bit Construction Set) is first video artwork created with wristcam and 8-bit technology. Contact: Patrick Lichty (225) 766-3811 (voyd@voyd.com) Have you ever made a short film about postmodern culture and alien abduction with your watch? "8 Bits or Less", a short form video that explores philosophy,...

Generative Psychogeography

Jeffrey Jullich Cybercafe 250 W 49th St New York, NY (212) 333-4109 http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?BFCat=&Pyt=Tmap&newFL=Use+Address+Below&addr=250+W+49th+St+&csz=New+York%2C+NY&Country=us&Get%A0Map=Get+Map Cybercafe 273 Lafayette St New York, NY (212) 334-5140 http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?BFCat=&Pyt=Tmap&newFL=Use+Address+Below&addr=273+Lafayette+St&csz=New+York%2C+NY&Country=us&Get%A0Map=Get+Map Internet Cafe 82 E 3rd ...


UbuWeb Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry http://www.ubu.com and The Electronic Poetry Center http://epc.buffalo.edu are pleased to announce the launch of UbuWeb/EPC - Mp3_archive http://www.ubu.com/mp3 UbuWeb Visual, Concrete, + Sound Poetry and The Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo are pleased to announce the launch of the Internet's largest MP3 archive of Sound Poetry and related audio materials. The files are currently for download only but multiple bandwidth streami...

Mez – [Mary-Anne Breeze]

the solo show of Mez - [Mary-Anne Breeze] is online now on 21 January 2002. Mez - [Mary-Anne Breeze] belongs to a new generation of artists who use the environment of the Internet as their artistic medium. She has been described as one of “the original net.artists” who is “...without doubt one of the most consistent, prolific, innovative artists working in new media today. Mez's work with language has had a considerable effect on the language of many.”. The impact of her unique net.wurk...

Antarctica… Encode-Storage-Retrieval [Memory lab]

Imagine - A house that was occupied for Twenty years by an Asian family and long after they were gone the house still bore their presence. Imagine - Private Space becomes charged when inhabited. Imagine - A builder having to remove layers of paint, wallpaper and strip back the walls plaster in order to remove the smell of spices. Imagine - A place in the world that is a repository for all the Actions/Decisions/Memories of the world. Antarctica...Encode-Storage-Retrieval...[Memory lab...

Helium #4

NIFCA (Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art) and BallongMagasinet present Helium #4 Helium is a sound art series in 5 parts on: http://www.ballongmagasinet.com/helium New Release! A varied collection presenting Slovenian artists: Joze Barsi & Bojana Piskur, Breda Kralj, Tanja Vujinovic Kusej, Katarina Pejovic and Tao G. Vrhovec-Sambolec. Curated by Duba Sambolec, professor at the Art Academy of Trondheim (NTNU). HELIUM is a project providing a wide collection of Sound Art....

The Book

Dear friends, I am now working on a book, in which I will present 100 international artist, who produced videopoetry, videoperformances (related with poetry or performative-poetry), computer & web poetry, interactive poetry, ambient poetry, installations, in which the literary text (but non only literary, also a visual poetry text, a performative or sonore poetry text) interacts with the new technologies and media. This letter is addressed to all the artists who took part in the 90s in t...

The Church of Software

The Church of Software presents: CRACK THE FLASH MOVIES !!!!!! SHARE THE DATA  !!!!!! Scan your favorite .swf movies Grab sounds, scripts and images Download Now Software + KeyGen !!! TOTALLY FREE TOTALLY FREE TOTALLY FREE http://www.thechurchofsoftware.org The Church Of Software is a project by http://www.zanni.org


Category: Media Arts Video Deadline: dd/mm/yy location: New York City /Brooklyn url: http://www.snackonart.org Screeningtape: VHS (ntsc & pal) miniDV (ntsc only) Fees: Suggested Donations info: SNACKONART New York's fineness experimental film/ video program broadcast weekly via - time warner cabletv - over 800,000 viewers strong and growing - no moderator or host - video take center stage from beginning to end [ ratings: not of our interest... art is ] e-mai & url:W...


trouvant que chaque mot possède d'innombrables possibilités littéraires. je vous prie de bien vouloir m'envoyer un mot... un seul mot. afin de constituer une bibliothèque; par le biais du hasard,je ferai de ce mot un conte, un roman, un poème,une nouvelle, un essai, un récit, une fable, une épopée... cordialement, jaime diaz-puentes motamomotamomotamo@yahoo.fr pensando que cada palabra contiene un numero infinito de posibilidades literarias.le ruego me envie una palabra... una s...

Mobile Media v.2.0

Mobile Media an on-going series of videos created for the palm os http://www.nomadnet.org Mobile Media v.2.0 features new videos by NOMADS. Videos can be downloaded and installed on any pda utilizing the palm os. Mobile Media videos require the tealmovie multimedia viewer: http://www.tealpoint.com/softmovi.htm For more information contact: Website: http://www.nomadnet.org Email: nomads@nomadnet.org

palmgrove of Island.8081

80/81 is somewhere in the palm grove get in and discover http://www.8081.com after the journey in the valley and in the wood http://www.8081.com/valley (valley) http://www.8081.com/wood (wood) http://www.8081.org (info) http://www.hell.com (resident) http://www.no-such.com (resident)Website: http://www.8081.com

videonet work

- java enabled - quicktime 4.1+ - fast connection recommended if you can not see the page, go direct goal http://www.computerfinearts.com/goal/index.html pecker http://www.computerfinearts.com/pecker/index.html hollyland http://www.computerfinearts.com/hollyland/index.html computerfinearts http://www.computerfinearts.com/3.html http://www.computerfinearts.com/goal/index.html http://www.computerfinearts.com/pecker/index.html http://www.computerfinearts.com/hollyland/inde...

-empyre- mailing list

You are invited to subscribe to the new -empyre- mailing list: http://www.subtle.net/empyrean/empyre -empyre- moderated by melinda rackham, is an arena designed for the discussion of media arts practice and theory. athough -empyre- is an international list. It first evolved to address the gap in the australian regional online terrain after the decline of the "recode" list, presenting a companion list to "fibreculture." -empyre- will regularly invite guests in the field...

sibling revelry – a net sampling sound toy

http://www.fictive.org/sr After months of collaboration by the brothers Traub (Greg and Peter), 'sibling revelry' is ready for your ears. Type in a search term (preferably sound related), and the 'sibling revelry' engine will search the web for related sounds, bringing those it finds directly to your browser. Use your mouse or your keyboard (keys a,s,d,f, and g) to play back the sounds to create your own unique internet sound collage. Please be patient, as the engine sometimes takes a few min...

Version>02 Convergence in Chicago

April 18-20 Calling all artists, designers, activists, multimedia producers, information architects, tactical media agents, programmers, musicians, filmmakers, concerned citizens and critical thinkers: This is a call for a gathering of the digital commons, and we want to hear from you! We are interested in your ideas, projects, sounds, films, papers and proposals concerning the future of the digital commons, and invite you to share them with us during our three-day convergence. The term...

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