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Much has been written about eighteenth-century automata, and of the history, culture and language of interaction between man and machine in the West. The Japanese vision of the 21st century is one of "co-existence with robots". Japan's love of robots lies in the history of the Karakuri Ningyo. The word 'Karakuri' means a mechanical device to tease, trick, or take a person by surprise. It implies hidden magic, or an element of mystery. The http://www.karakuri.info website is an ef...


Animate! challenges the boundaries of animation through production funding, discussion and screening. 66 innovative films (http://www.animateonline.org/films/) supported by animate! since 1990 have established an international reputation for thoughtful and diverse practice. Now we want new proposals to continue this exploration. We are commissioning another slate of personal projects for television, with running times of up to 6 minutes and production budgets between £5,000 and £20,000. ht...

Kontora Mir Project

ANTIFA PFORZHEIM TO KONTORA MIR GERMANY KONTORA MIR SUPPORT The World Still Says No to War Momentum is building around the world for the Global Day of Action against War and Occupation on March 20, the one-year anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq. Kontora Mir Project http://www.kultur.at/howl/mir/ People from all over the world send me their personal images of KONTORA MIR. E-mail: vpace@web.de KONTORA is Russian and it means Office. MIR means peace or world i...

the sine fiction project

Started in november 2000, sine fiction is a no type thematic audio project for which various artists compose soundtracks to classic science fiction novels. * new releases * sine fiction volume XIII philip k dick's _radio free albemuth_ a fight for freedom set in a future despairingly close to us. trace reddell (aka galactus zeit, the pharmanaut) takes up philip k dick's challenge of reaching the masses trough the airwaves with six upbeat and challenging tracks. http://www.notype.com/s...

Amniotic City

Video installazione site specific by ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research Alexandro Ladaga & Silvia Manteiga www.elasticgroup.com Roma-New York 2003 Palazzo Reale, Napoli, 2003 Anteprima Napoli La Quadriennale di Roma 2004: Version>04: InvisibleNetwork, Digital Arts Convergence Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA Elettroshock: 30 anni di video in Italia ARCO Fiera di Arte Contemporanea, Madrid Proyecto Salas, Corporate Collections, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Media.comm...

where is the bar?

"where is the bar?", a memory project One of my obsessions as an artist is the glue of life: memory. Through "where is the bar?" I will try to reconstruct my first journey to Lisbon in 1990. The skimpy entries in my 1990 diary are the point of departure. My memories of that journey are getting muddled because I have been in Lisbon for a while - the "tourist environment" has turned into familiar terrain. Can I still distinguish between what I remember and what I think I remember? Can I ...


Turbulence Commission: by Michael Takeo Magruder http://turbulence.org/works/magruder Michael Takeo Magruder's , in which headline news articles have been parsed from http://news.bbc.co.uk/ between December 29 and February 1, is concerned with the individual's relationship with finite moments in recent history. As with his earlier works, Magruder grapples with media saturation and its subsequent devaluation of information; copyright - who actually owns the information, the event that trigger...


We are inviting visual artist working in Video, 3D, Photo, and Film to participate in development of collaborative digital video/music project. Also we are looking for musicians interested to create a soundtracks for short experimental art videos. Project planned as a DVD/Web release and live performance where video and music tracks will compliment each other. We are looking for original art work such as photo, film, video, 3D modeling, animation, original stills, short music compositions....

Public screening of digital artwork

Public screening of digital artwork Dear Artists, [DAM] Berlin is working on a project which will be in partnership with a corporation. The idea is to have a public screening of digital animations and time based work. At a regular interval and at a specific time we will present different artwork at a different location in Berlin beside [DAM] Berlin. For that purpose ìm looking for digital time based work. Here are the criteria - it has to be computer generated - it is time based, an a...


Upload-Download (UD) is an experimental online project presenting a collaboration between young people around the globe.Central to the project is the theme of global communication and cross-cultural encounters. Essentially, the project explores the impact of globalisation, free market capitalism, consumerism, and information /communication technology on the young people, especially in regards to the notion of self, identity, nationality, spirituality and cross-cultural experiences. The par...

Tank Tv

Tank Tv is back out there for you, with 15 new videos This Month is full of tricks, absurdity, and bright little films, Have you ever seen your uncle perform a magic spoon trick! And cows are also here waiting for you to come and look at them... ZOO On Tank TV! zip zip...spring is coming Bon Voyage! the films can be viewed here: http://www.tank.tv Tank TV team


ALICE MIR - MARCH 8: International WOMAN'S DAY a KONTORA MIR contribution from Lucia Lociale Bari, Italy KONTORA MIR PROJECT http://www.kultur.at/howl/mir/ People from all over the world send me their personal images of KONTORA MIR. E-mail: vpace@web.de KONTORA is Russian and it means Office. MIR means peace or world in Russian. The images I recieve, I send back out to the world. This project is a network of people's ideas about their offices of peace. http://www.kultur.at/h...

The Origin of imagination

Hello to everybody, hope you are fine. I've have the pleasure to inform you that "The Origin of imagination " is ONLINE NOW at www.chiarapassa.it (see videography, images and movies). From the "Exten(z)sion Project": "The origin of imagination" video installation (3 dvdprojected) 3' 16''; 2004 Soundtrack ‘styltriady' by Mokamed. English version: "The origin of imagination" is a video installation which develops itself on two walls and the floor. The three screenings in the corner, of t...


YOlk is a web-based project based in Nottingham, England, aimed at building links and forming collaborations between artists working in Nottingham and it's twin cities. We are holding a residency in Nottingham from 26th July to 9th August 2004, for artists from these cities to get together, discuss and make new art around the themes of PLACE and HISTORY. If you are an artist working in Minsk (Belarus), Karlsruhe (Germany), Ghent (Belgium) or Ljubljana (Slovenia); interested in collaborative a...

The Bat! (v1.62 Christmas Edition) – game

Subject: net art wars type: game description: Somewhere in the near future... History is dominated by the evil ascii empire making everybody believe net art = netdotart. Your task is to shoot the ascii fighters and finally blow up the ascii death star. size: 37 kb sound: yes http://www.ctrlaltdel.org/naw.html

Sarai Reader 4: Crisis/Media

We are happy to announce the print and web publication of Sarai Reader 04: 'Crisis/Media'. Please find more details about the book below. We would welcome responses, reviews and critiques of the publication, and discussions based on its contents. If you would like to write a review of the book, and wish to obtain a review copy, do write to publications@sarai.net, mentioning details of the publication where the review will appear, and when it is likely to be published. The contents of the b...

anomalie digital_arts

Français - English below Les Editions Hyx s'associent à anomos pour assurer la distribution et la diffusion d'anomalie digital_arts. Il est désormais possible de commander la revue en ligne à l'adresse suivante : http://www.editions-hyx.com/html/lianomalie.html Disponibles : - Space Art, anomalie digital_arts # 4, n° spécial (09/2003) - Interfaces, anomalie digital_arts # 3 (03/2003) - Digital Performance, anomalie digital_arts # 2 (2002) Epuisés : - Du corps à l'avatar 1.0/From ...

FM@dia FORUM 04: Connecting Free Media

Announcement and call for your participation FM@dia FORUM 04: Connecting Free Media. Exchange within and beyond Central and Eastern Europe. http:www.fmedia.ecn.cz/ Meeting and workshops of Free Media Initiatives on framing diverse strategies for sustainable cultural cooperation and exchange. The FM@dia Forum 04 in Prague and Freistadt will encourage a wide range of free media and community projects to discuss potential common strategies and shared interests (eg. Media policy), to im...

The Renaissance Society – Exhibitions

At its core, The Renaissance Society is a place built around the artist. Its faces are as many and varied as the artists supported. Since its founding in 1915, The Renaissance Society has been synonymous with the vanguard art of our time. In 1936, The Society gave Fernand Leger his first US exhibition. Ground-breaking exhibitions of Alexander Calder (1936), Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (1938), Jacob Lawrence (1944), Paul Klee (1945), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1946), Diego Rivera (1949), Rene Magritte (196...

My Kontora Mir Desktop

A KONTORA MIR contribution from Matjaz J. Matej, Ljubljana/ Slovenia http://www.kultur.at/howl/mir People from all over the world send me their personal images of KONTORA MIR. KONTORA is Russian and it means Office. MIR means peace or world in Russian. The images I recieve, I send back out to the world. This project is a network of people's ideas about their offices of peace. http://www.kultur.at/howl/mir vpace@web.de

Natural Process (NP)

By exonemo available online "Natural Process (NP)" by exonemo available online at this moment at Mori Art Museum (where i work as associate curator), two exhibitions "Roppongi Crossing"(with 57 japanese artists) and "KUSAMATRIX"(kusama yayoi solo), are on. www.mori.art.museum in "Roppongi Crossing" there are some media art works, and here is one, "Natural Process(NP)", the new work by exonemo(akaiwa yae + sembo kensuke), i curated, th...

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