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First International Master Of Media.Art.Histories

MediaArtHistories MA is based on the international praxis and expertise in Curation, Collecting, Preserving and Archiving and Researching in the Media Arts. What are the conditions necessary for a wider consideration of media art works and of new media in these collections of the international contemporary art scene? And in which way can new Databases and other scientific tools of structuring and visualizing data provide new contexts and enhance our understanding of semantics?

Vida, Art and Artificial Life Award Winners

The hybrid forms of the artistic proposals submitted to VIDA and the transformation of the discipline of A-Life itself have prompted the jury to consider new issues, such as the rising importance of simulation in both social life (for example, in the concept of virtual personality) and organic life (evident in the concept of "neo-organisms"). These phenomena are increasingly present and have therfore received special attention in our current approach to art and artificial life.
Researching the Future: Aspects of Art and Technoetics 2007

Researching the Future: Aspects of Art and Technoetics 2007

Il 7, 8, 9 Dicembre per tutti gli interessati all'Arte Telematica, Audio Art, Computer Art, Digital Art, Arte Elettronica, Arte Generativa, Artivismo, Hacker Art, Arte Interattiva, Internet Art, Media Technology Art, Performance Art, Robotic Art, Software Art, Sound Art, Video Arte, Video Game Art, Bioart e ai rapporti, oggi centrali tra Arte, Tecnologia e Scienza ci sar? la possibilit? di partecipare al congresso di ricerca che il gruppo di artisti-ricercatori del Planetary Collegium dar? vita ...

Database of Virtual Art Turns 10!

As pioneer in the field, the collective Database of Virtual Art (DVA) has been documenting the rapidly evolving digital installation art since 1998. Beside new artist specials, which will be joined by editorial features, the DVA offers henceforth an innovative submission process: Collective documentation is supported by simplified *assist tools* to help upload information for publication in minutes.

MutaMorphosis. Challenging Arts and Sciences

Organised by CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies in Prague in collaboration with Leonardo, Hexagram - Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technologies and Pépinieres européenes pour jeunes artistes. The conference is part of Leonardo Organisation 40th anniversary celebrations.

Mobile/Immobilzed: Art, Technologies & (Dis)abilities

At the intersection of contemporary media art projects, current scientific research and technological innovations, we encounter astounding new ways in which the limits of the able and disabled body and mind are enhanced or expanded. How do such practices alter conceptions of the body, of the mind? What are the implications of these emerging practices?

Curating Media/Net/Art

Expanding the curators' field of action - allowing them to incorporate more than the supervision, contextualisation and exhibition of artwork in museums, galleries or off spaces - is closely linked to the media-specific characteristics of art produced on the Internet. Internet Art does not necessarily have to be presented in a customary exhibition space, because as long as there is a computer with Internet access, it can be accessed anywhere any time.

Still, Living

The seminal exhibition Still, Living presents a showcase of art that deals with biological systems. It features the international debut of work developed at SymbioticA by renowned artists such as ORLAN, Critical Art Ensemble and The Tissue Culture & Art Project, as well as other major international artists in this field.
Struttura “Organica” 2007

Struttura “Organica” 2007

L'idea di Struttura-Organica nasce da una semplice constatazione: il mondo è un organismo vivente. In anni in cui la tecnologia avanza imponendosi sul quotidiano, gli individui cercano rifugio nella natura e riscoprono il corpo. Ma non è necessario negare la tecnologia per scoprire la natura. Al contrario sono molte e sempre più interessanti le esplorazioni delle interconnessioni tra le due sfere.

Rhizome 2007-08 Commissions Announcement

Rhizome is pleased to announce increased funding for its Commissions Program. This year, eleven emerging artists/ collectives have been awarded commissions, for a total of $23,000, in support of new works of Internet-based art. The commissioned works will be presented on Rhizome.org and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as archived in Rhizome's online archive, the ArtBase.

The Darwin Summer Symposium 2007

The curator for our '07 symposium is Paul Brown. Paul is an artist and writer who has specialised in art,science & technology for almost 40 years. His computer-generated artwork has been exhibited internationally since 1967 and is currently on show in Europe, Russia, the USA and Australia. He is currently chair of the Computer Arts Society, a British Computer Society specialist group and is visiting professor in art and technology at the University of Sussex.

Disrupting Narratives

This international symposium brings together some of the world's leading media artists, theorists and researchers to explore real-time interaction in electronic media. Over the last few years network theories have started to shape our thinking about social and cultural issues. This event seeks out artistic strategies and art forms that engage with these ideas. Contributors include: Mark Amerika, Alexander R. Galloway, Andrea Zapp, Kelli Dipple, Kate Rich and Paul Sermon.

Prix Ars Electronica 2007

The 2007 Prix Ars Electronica invited submissions in a total of eight categories that "taken as a whole" reflect the growing diversification of digital media art as well as the ongoing development of the Prix Ars Electronica. The most obvious manifestations of these two processes are this year's two new categories: Hybrid Art and Media.Art.Research.

Continental Breakfast. Outposts 2007

L'incontro è la quarta edizione di un evento biennale aperto a curatori provenienti dall'Europa centro orientale e ai commissari della Biennale Arti Visive di Venezia responsabili dei padiglioni nazionali dei paesi dell'Europa centro orientale e si avvale del patrocinio dell'INCE (Iniziativa Centro Europea) che, dopo l'edizione sperimentale del 2001, ha accolto questo meeting tra i suoi progetti culturali prioritari.

Realtà virtuale per i Beni Culturali

Due pomeriggi di approfondimenti sulla realtà virtuale per i Beni Culturali. Incontro con Pietro Giovanni Guzzo, Soprintendente Archeologo di Pompei Ercolano Stabia, che presenterà gli atti della giornata di studi internazionale "Ut natura ars. Virtual Reality e archeologia", tenutasi a Bologna nel 2002. Incontro con Kim H. Veltman, Direttore Scientifico del VMMI, Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute, nel corso del quale vedremo quali sono le nuove tendenze delle tecnologie digitali, e quali imp...

Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations

Today media are increasingly ubiquitous: more and more people live in a world of Internet pop-ups and streaming television, mobile phone texting and video clips, MP3 players and pod-casting. The media mobility means greater connectivity via smart wireless environments in the office, the car and airport. It also offers greater possibilities for recording, storage and archiving of media content. This provides not just the potential for greater choice and flexibility in re-working content (tv progr...

Goodbye Privacy – Ars Electronica 2007

A new culture of everyday life is now upon us, bracketed by the angst-inducing scenarios of seamless surveillance and the zest we bring to staging our public personas via digital media. One in which everything seems to be public and nothing's private anymore. Panopticon or consummate individual liberty? At symposia, exhibitions, performances and interventions, the 2007 Ars Electronica Festival will delve into what the public and private spheres have come to mean and the interrelationship that no...

LABORAL Centre for Art and Creative Industries

LABORAL Centre for Art and Creative Industries is an exhibition centre specifically focused on the production and exhibition of art, science, technology and creative industries. This interdisciplinary space pays special attention to workshops for vocational and professional training, and to research into the intersection between creativity and new technologies.

Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca: interattività furiosa

La mostra è la prima grande occasione in Italia per vedere gran parte della produzione e delle opere dell'artista spagnolo, sicuramente uno dei più significativi autori nel panorama contemporaneo e una delle personalità più complesse e trasversali sulla scena delle arti visive.

Cities from Below

Quale ruolo può giocare l'artista nella formazione di una società in transizione? E' possibile pensare la città come 'luogo di lavoro collettivo' in cui l'arte svolga una funzione necessaria nell'intercettare desideri, bisogni e conflitti emergenti? Come partecipano le pratiche artistiche ad una azione collettiva quando vengono a mancare - come oggi - tutti i legami classici dell'appartenenza sociale?

Dalla Land Art alla Bioarte

Lo scopo del Convegno è di elaborare la piattaforma teorica dell'Art Program del Parco d'Arte Vivente, attraverso un confronto tra i diversi filoni artistici, storici e contemporanei, che sono confluiti nella concezione del 'progetto pilota' di questo 'museo interattivo arte/natura', dal movimento 'Art in nature' all''Esthétique relationnelle', dalla 'Genetic Art' alla Bioarte.

Museums and the Web 2007

Museums and the Web addresses the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture and heritage on-line. Taking an international perspective, senior speakers with extensive experience in Web development review and analyze the issues and impacts of networked cultural and natural heritage. Together, we are transforming communities and organizations.
The Diamond – PEAM 2k6

The Diamond – PEAM 2k6

Organizzato dal collettivo Artificialia, il Peam è luogo d'incontro e confronto per artisti, curatori ed esperti in materia e fornisce una nuova chiave interpretativa delle relazioni tra uomo e alta tecnologia, in una dimensione internazionale. Alcuni tra i maggiori esponenti del settore presenteranno una selezione di performer, installatori, musicisti, creativi: il meglio della scena attuale delle arti elettroniche.

Monumenti che parlano: le tecnologie digitali per comunicare la storia

Dopo la ricostruzione dei sacrari partigiani, il Museo Virtuale della Certosa, che utilizza le nuove tecnologie dell'informazione per rendere la comunicazione culturale più attraente e interattiva, si arricchisce di una nuova applicazione, dedicata alla Prima Guerra Mondiale.

Artistic Mobility in the 21st Century

A promising generation of young artists throughout Europe who work with dedication and authenticity within the contemporary human, social and economic environments is emerging", states the mapXXL programme's description. But how do we evaluate authenticity at the turn of the century? Does young generation share the same values with artists of the past? Or do some of the emerging creative practices change the roles we attribute to artists nowadays? Which roles could these be?

Consciousness and Quantumcomputers

Does our brain function according to quantum mechanical principles as some researchers claim? How does the new key technology challenge our conventional conception of matter, mind and information? Do we have to expect basic modifications of our understanding in «computing» as the Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger states? Does quantum teleportation represent a method that allows quantum computers to communicate with each other in the near future? Are quantum computers able to read our thoughts, ...

Presentazione dei libri di “mediaversi”

< mediaversi > è una collana editoriale, diretta da Pier Luigi Capucci, che si propone di riflettere in maniera interdisciplinare sulle relazioni che intercorrono tra i media (non solo quelli digitali), le tecnologie emergenti e la società nelle sue manifestazioni fondamentali: cultura, rappresentazione, comunicazione, forme artistiche e di espressione.

Interview with Marta de Menezes

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