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Art Nature Project XXI

Articles of the advertisements of exhibitions, a choice of presentation of contemporary works of the projects in progress and calls projet, a WHOIS database... but also a crossroads of the experiences and a place of exchange around the thems of the relations between Art (contemporary) and Nature (real or virtual).

Leonardo New Horizons prize

Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology(ISAST) and Leonardo/L'Observatoire Leonardo des arts et des technosciences(OLATS) along with the Paris based @rt Outsiders Festival are pleased to announce that the Leonardo-@rt Outsiders 2003 New Horizons Prize has been awarded to Ewen Chardronnet and associated artists for the work OPEN SKY.

Histories of Internet Art v3.0

Students from the University of Colorado have just released the 3.0 version of their popular "Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions" (HIAFF) website. The new site, which now comes equipped with a back-end database constructed by the students features video and email interviews with many international net artists.

A Parliament of Parliaments

The dynamics of science cannot be conceived without politics nor the dynamics of politics without science. The social, the scientific, the technological, the theoretical and the practical blend together. We want to make an exhibition where politics, science and technology explore a new future based on a diagnosis of present practices illuminated through the perspective of material history.

Don’t Call it Art: Ars Electronica 2003

What I wanted to critique was not the extremely dynamic and important field of "software art" but the way it was represented by Ars Electronica 2003 festival. Its paradigm can only be described as cultural isolationism. This is a dangerous position to take. Today, when pretty much every artist and cultural producer is widely using computers while also typically being motivated by many other themes and discourses, is it in fact possible that "digital art" happens everywhere else but not within th...

Ars Electronica 2003

Ars Electronica is one of the, if not the oldest and biggest festivals for electronic art worldwide. It was launched in 1979 and led a relatively marginal existence until the late nineteen eighties. With the introduction of the Prix Ars Electronica (since 1987), organised by the local branch of the ORF and the building of the Ars Electronica Center, it was given a permanent home and organisational base, and gained international influence and reputation through the relatively well endowed 'Prix'.

Read_Me 2.3 software art festival results

The idea of Read_Me 2.3 is to test an alternative festival model, especially since the subject of the festival is software art, a realm where people with artists' self-identities coexist with programmers whose views on the process of creation, distribution and even the very meaning of their work can be dramatically different from those of the artists.

netizens_webprize 2003

[Italiano] In occasione della mostra "netizens - cittadini della rete" ? stato lanciato un concorso internazionale di Net Art, a cui hanno partecipato artisti, italiani e stranieri che utilizzano il Web come mezzo creativo.[English] During the exhibition? "netizens - cittadini della rete", an international competition of Net Art was launched.? Competing artists, both Italian and international who use the Web as a creative medium.

Interview with Marta de Menezes

Interview with Dalila Honorato

Interview with Adam Zaretsky

Interview with Jadwiga Charzyńska

Interview with Delma Rodriguez

Interview with Olga Kisseleva

Interview with Anna Dumitriu

Interview with Luz María Sánchez

Interview with Danielle Siembieda

Interview with Freddy Paul Grunert

Interview with Elif Ayiter

Interview with Roberta Buiani

Interview with Bill Seaman

Interview with Roger Malina

Interview with Christa Sommerer

Interview with Annick Bureaud

Interview with Leonel Moura

Interview with Nina Czegledy

Interview with Stelarc

Interview with Derrick de Kerckhove

Interview with Margarete Jahrmann

Interview with Jaromil