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Noema, un’analisi su 15 anni di innovazione / an analysis on 15 years of innovation

[ITA] Social network, smartphone, biotecnologie, 11 Settembre e finanziarizzazione dell’economia gli elementi fondamentali nel rapporto tra tecnologie e società.
[ENG] In the last 15 years social networks, smartphones, biotechnologies, 11 September and the financialisation of economy the main factors in the relationships among technology and society.

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Subtle Technologies 2014. Open Culture in Art and Science – A reportage

Subtle Technologies 2014

It is that time of the year: Subtle Technologies Festival is back for a week-long ride to explore Open Culture in Art and Science. The theme this year is particularly timely: DIY-bio labs, hacker spaces and hacklabs, maker spaces etc… are popping up everywhere, new forms of sharing ranging from tools, to skills, to networks of solidarity to eliminate debt, to avoid eviction, or just to share a meal together are no longer rare.

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Aesthetics of transition. New metric of the body


The arts, science and technology are experiencing a period of profound change. Explosive challenges to the institutions and practices of engineering, art making, and scientific research raise urgent questions of ethics, craft, and care for the planet and its inhabitants. Unforeseen forms of beauty and understanding are possible, but so are too unexpected risks and threats.

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Use at your own risk

[ITA] (english below) Opening della mostra “Use at your own risk”, Ars Electronica Festival 2013 – Linz, 12.08.2013 Dal 5 al 9 Settembre 2013 aprirà la mostra “Use at your own risk” all’interno della 27esima edizione dell’Ars Electronica Festival a Linz, Austria. L’esposizione, curata per il settimo anno dall’Interface Culture Lab di Linz, che ormai è […]

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Sarai – One Year in the Public Domain

You might as well ask, what do we do at Sarai? Where in all the spectrum of activities and projects is the focus that animates Sarai? I will try and answer this with a series of instances of the kinds of work and the processes that have been at play here.

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Oltre atomi e corpi: una post-riflessione su AE 2016 / Beyond atoms and bodies: a post-reflection on AE 2016

Dialogismi e biopoetiche / Dialogisms and biopoetics

Contemplating Greenness

Emergence of Creative Machines

Berg emotional soundscapes

The Art of Emotional Intelligence

Media fingerprints in the representation

La Cura Summer school

Regulation and Social Media: Speed Bumps or the Code 2.0

Beyond the map: an experiment in affective geographies

Note sulla Survey dei 15 anni di attività di Noema / Note on Noema’s 15th Anniversary Survey

Survey per i 15 anni di attività di Noema / Survey on Noema 15 years of activity

Noema, un’analisi su 15 anni di innovazione / an analysis on 15 years of innovation

L’età dell’ansia. Egloga post-digitale / The Age of Anxiety: a Post-digital Eclogue

Refounding Legitimacy Toward Aethogenesis

Staging Aliveness, Challenging Anthropocentrism: Subverting an Art Historical Paradigm

A Different Theory of Mediation for Technospaces

The Tesseract: between mediated consciousness and embodiment