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Noema è media partner di / Noema is a media partner of LuminousBees

“[ITA] Il 20, 21 e 22 Febbraio all’Università di Genova c’è “Interactive Micro Aerial Robots Swarm I-MARS 2017”, tre giorni di conferenze e workshop transdisciplinari che coinvolgeranno artisti, designer, scienziati, tecnologi e docenti. Noema è partner dell’evento.
[ENG] On February 20, 21 and 22 will take place at the University of Genoa “Interactive Micro Aerial Robots Swarm I-MARS 2017”, three days of transdisciplinary lectures and workshops involving artists, designers, scientists, teachers and technologists. Noema is a partner of the event.”

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Noema è partner di A.I. Conference / Noema is a partner of A.I. Conference

[ITA] Noema è partner di A.I. Conference, a cura di Leonel Moura, che si svolgerà presso il Geek Picnic Festival 2017 in tre date: San Pietroburgo (17-18 Giugno), Mosca (24-25 Giugno) e New York (12-13 Agosto).
[ENG] Noema is a partner of A.I. Conference, curated by Leonel Moura, which will take place at the Geek Picnic Festival 2017 in three dates: S. Petersburg (June, 17-18), Moscow (June, 24-25) and New York (August, 12-13).

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From Siri to sexbots: Female AI reinforces a toxic desire for passive, agreeable and easily dominated women

Source: Salon A recent article titled “Why is AI Female?” made the connection that gendered labor, in service professions in particular, is fueling our expectations for gendered AI assistants and service robots. Furthermore, the author argues, this “feminizing — and sexualizing — of machines” signals a future with a disproportionate use of feminized VR and robots for […]

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Only 20% of Africans use the internet – we must fix this digital poverty now

Source: World Economic Forum The one thing I love most about my job is the countless brilliant, inspirational people I invariably get to meet when I am in Africa. As you can imagine, they are a diverse bunch: the Rwandan techpreneur pioneering smart card solutions for public transport; the Nigerian Global Shaper tracking an election tribunal […]

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How ‘Maintainers,’ Not ‘Innovators,’ Make the World Turn

Source: New technologies and their inventors are often celebrated as society’s heroes. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Larry Page: These are all contemporary “innovators” whose “visionary ideas” and “creative leaps” led to “disruptive realities”—that is, if you buy the rhetoric of certain books and novelty-oriented publications (including, sometimes, your very own CityLab). But those who’ve questioned whether technology […]

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Hail the maintainers

Source: aeon Innovation is a dominant ideology of our era, embraced in America by Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and the Washington DC political elite. As the pursuit of innovation has inspired technologists and capitalists, it has also provoked critics who suspect that the peddlers of innovation radically overvalue innovation. What happens after innovation, they argue, is more […]

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Towards the Third Life

Humans also developed a wide range of artefacts, machines, entities that are quickly becoming more and more powerful, complex, autonomous, and independent. These could be defined to a certain extent as “living entities”, expanding the idea of life and of life forms. All this processes seem pushing forward the human biological, cultural, technical boundaries. How do they happen? Where are technologies based on? Can these processes give any glimpses on a possible evolution?

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Use at your own risk

[ITA] (english below) Opening della mostra “Use at your own risk”, Ars Electronica Festival 2013 – Linz, 12.08.2013 Dal 5 al 9 Settembre 2013 aprirà la mostra “Use at your own risk” all’interno della 27esima edizione dell’Ars Electronica Festival a Linz, Austria. L’esposizione, curata per il settimo anno dall’Interface Culture Lab di Linz, che ormai è […]

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Subtle Technologies Festival: Immortality, Toronto, June 8-9, 2013

This Subtle Technologies explores the art and science of Immortality. Through presentations, panels, a workshop, exhibition and screening, the Festival investigates ways in which artists explore archiving memories; scientific techniques for bringing extinct animals back to life; a search for extending youth; ancient landscape as sonic memory; vampires in pop culture and much more! Read […]

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Video-Interview with Vincenzo Fano

[ITA – English below] Breve bio. Vincenzo Fano è nato nel 1960, figlio di un fisico teorico e nipote di un filosofo. Ha dedicato la sua vita allo studio e all’insegnamento della filosofia. Laureato in filosofia della fisica nel 1984, ha poi frequentato un dottorato in filosofia della psicologia scrivendo una tesi su Franz Brentano. […]

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Video-interview with Alan N. Shapiro

  We were in Linz, attending the Ars Electronica Festival 2012, when we met the Technologist and Futurist Alan N. Shapiro. It was months ago, but we were already thinking about (five-words-for-) the-future. The Noema Staff  invites You to watch the video interview and visit the brand-new project FIVE WORDS FOR THE FUTURE. Shapiro is […]

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Embracing Uncertainty …or not?

When I was writing this long and rambling report, I realized that every title contained a question mark. is it a sign of our failure to embrace this complex and difficult notion? does the question mark symbolize uncertainty (uncertain present and future, uncertain methods, fear of uncertainty ? The entire conference was characterized by a […]

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EduEDA – The EDUcational Encyclopedia of Digital Arts

Il convegno Edueda – Un network per le arti digitali tra pubblico e privato ha come obiettivo l’attivazione di un processo di cooperazione tra soggetti istituzionali e non istituzionali che indirizzano gli orizzonti della loro ricerca verso una dimensione dell’arte che unisca all’utilizzo delle tecnologie digitali di comunicazione il perseguimento di valori etici e sociali.

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Oltre atomi e corpi: una post-riflessione su AE 2016 / Beyond atoms and bodies: a post-reflection on AE 2016

Dialogismi e biopoetiche / Dialogisms and biopoetics

Contemplating Greenness

Emergence of Creative Machines

Berg emotional soundscapes

The Art of Emotional Intelligence

Media fingerprints in the representation

La Cura Summer school

Regulation and Social Media: Speed Bumps or the Code 2.0

Beyond the map: an experiment in affective geographies

Note sulla Survey dei 15 anni di attività di Noema / Note on Noema’s 15th Anniversary Survey

Survey per i 15 anni di attività di Noema / Survey on Noema 15 years of activity

Noema, un’analisi su 15 anni di innovazione / an analysis on 15 years of innovation

L’età dell’ansia. Egloga post-digitale / The Age of Anxiety: a Post-digital Eclogue

Refounding Legitimacy Toward Aethogenesis

Staging Aliveness, Challenging Anthropocentrism: Subverting an Art Historical Paradigm

A Different Theory of Mediation for Technospaces

The Tesseract: between mediated consciousness and embodiment