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Pixel Plunder

Presented by YEAR ZERO ONE curated by Michael Alstad and Michelle Kasprzak An Exhibition Of Seven On-Line Projects Created by Net.Art Stars who -> Hack -> Steal -> Borrow -> Appropriate and Plunder Found Pixels on the www. MTAA Collective - Ten Digital Readymades - Joanna Briggs - Haikoo - 0100101110101101.ORG - Life Sharing - Negativland - Pastor Dick"s Mailbox - Trip Dixon - Cling Wrap & Gag - Harwood - Uncomfortable Proximity - Author Unknown - I LOVE MOUCHETTE! ...

Media Lounge

Reminder and new faces: join the Media Lounge The Medialounge is an online database representing a network of cultural new media institutes, individuals and organisations. The current version was developed and designed by the Waag Society for Old and New Media, and is a low end, more accessible version of the Hybrid Media Lounge set up in 1999. The database is linked to the new ECB (European Cultural Backbone) website (www.e-c-b.net). The European Cultural Backbone was set up in 1999 as...

Palm Rants

I did this piece as a video and text for my Palm Rants project. http://artnetweb.com/gh/rants.html It was done on August 31st, 2001. How do you think America will end? Some say we will be overrun with immigrants. Others say we will turn into a country ruled by corporations. Will we be destroyed for our sinfulness like Sodom and Gommorrah by a religious terrorist? Let's say that we continue along with building housing developments and burning fossil fuel and depleting our natural resou...


DeskSwap is a multi-user screensaver that swaps images of the user's desktop with others using the screensaver. When the user stops using their computer, DeskSwap starts as a normal screensaver. It quickly takes a snapshot of the user's screen and uploads it to the DeskSwap server. Yet since screensavers only become active during periods of inactivity, DeskSwap catches candid images of the user's desktop. DeskSwap has two modes for swapping desktops. Mode one is a direct "peer to peer&q...

The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project

Synopsis: The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project began December 30, 1994. A `round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery from Brad Brace. The hypermodern minimizes the familiar, the known, the recognizable; it suspends identity, relations and history. This discourse, far from determining the locus in which it speaks, is avoiding the ground on which it could find support. It is trying to operate a decentering that leaves no privilege to any center. The 12-hour ISBN JPEG Project began Decembe...

Artists wanted for collaboration

We are looking for video artists, web animators, graphic designers, musicians for collaborative net art project about aggression phenomena called "Office of Aggression". If interested e-mail us with your introduction for details. Check our previous art projects at the websiteWebsite: http://www.newmediaman.com/

Chat Performance – Net Art Project

Visit the Chat Performance Net Art Project. The IRC Channels are another place on the Internet where people live their everyday lives in a cyberspace community. They share their thoughts, emotions, ideas, culture, and experience. They form friendships, end friendships, fall inlove, fall out of love.... Complete Human Interaction. This art project aims to let these interactions perform in a web space, by broadcasting what's being said in a "private" IRC Channel on a web site. ...

The Space Paint Project

Visit the preview site for the first artist to go to space. The Space Painter creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of space... More to come... Work of Post-Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction The vortex creates, the chaos permeates. In the material space, art objects are calculations of the creations of the vortex -- a vortex that uses the chaos as a machine to deconstruct ideas, patterns, and emotions. With the synergy of the electronic environment, the vort...

Solo limoni

E' definito dall'autore, Giacomo Verde, "Documentazione video-poetica in 13 episodi sull'anti-g8 di Genova". Dura 44',35'', contiene dei testi segnalati e detti da Lello Voce, le musiche originali (molto belle) sono di Mauro Lupone, che ha collaborato anche alla composizione video insieme con Uliano Paolozzi Balestrini, Elena Recchia, Giacomo e Lello. Si basa su immagini girate, oltre che da Giacomo, da altri videomaker indipendenti collegati a Indymedia, SocialPlus, Fluid Video Crew, Digipresse...

app-art.org talks to the creator of n_Gen

http://www.app-art.org/ Peter Spreenberg of Move Design, creator of n_Gen - a sharp-eyed Photoshop parody that critiques current trends in contemporary design practice - talks to app-art.org about the project that hopes to answer a lot of questions. http://www.n-generate.com/ Q: First off, n_Gen is clearly a satire on contemporary design habits. Was this the sole intention of the project, or did you have some other agendas or aims in mind before you started? A: n_Gen represents a com...

Stéphan Barron web galerie

ma galerie personnelle est disponible sur le web: http://www.technoromanticism.com/fr/realisations/galerie/index.html My webgallery: http://www.technoromanticism.com/en/projects/gallery/index.html Stéphan Barron http://www.technoromanticism.comWebsite: http://www.technoromanticism.com/fr/realisations/galerie/index.html

Timo Kahlen

Sound sculptures, wind installations, video / photography 1986 - 2001 A selection of Timo Kahlen's sound sculptures, wind installations and experimental video / photography (1986 - 2001) now at http://user.berlin.de/~timo.kahlen Commentary and feedback welcome.Website: http://user.berlin.de/~timo.kahlen


very proud to introduce you to the brandnew catalog of Amsterdam ART channel PARK 4DTV online! PARK4DTV is a non-profit broadcasting organisation, based in Amsterdam NL, with programs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin and New York City. We broadcast television art. Pure Sound, Pure Image, 1 Hour, 1 Thing.Website: http://park4d.tvEmail: peter@park4d.tv

low-fi locator

LAUNCHING low-fi locator. - low-fi is a new system for locating and viewing net art. - We have developed a dynamic database of current and past net art projects with an additional curatorial layer of selected lists. Artists are able to create links to their projects/sites/netcasts directly from [low-fi], making it a useful tool for disseminating information about net based activities. - The project is intended for artists; so please contribute by inputting information about new projects...


(English text below) v.02 Carpe Diem by Squaz http://www.inguine.net/squaz.html Poetry and Pink Moon by C.Parentela http://www.inguine.net/parentela.html Untitled by G.Costantini http://www.inguine.net/tini.html Portraits by D.Reviati http://www.inguine.net/reviati.html E allora quand'è che si beve by Christian Del Monte http://www.inguine.net/broadband.html Orazio_PreText by G.Palumbo http://www.inguine.net/broadband.html New POPYDUK WEB NOVELA POET IN EUROLAND http://www....

Tokyo Ground

It is the project [Tokyo ground] which Shunichi Nomura of the Meiji University doctoral course is leading. (I advised on the interface design.) "Tokyo ground" Tokyo is located in the largest gently-sloping Kanto plain in Japan, and, generally is called superficial metropolis. however, if you are actually living in Tokyo, don't think at all that this is a gently-sloping place, but foresee the complicated whole rather - doesn't it sense that it is the environment which is not? Wh...


A net project by Joy Garnett. CONTENTS: Unsolicited e-mail in the "Spanish Prisoner" style. MISSION: To collect and preserve this specific style of scam e-mail for posterity. Note: If you have repeatedly received e-mail soliciting your help in transferring $50,000,000 cash out of Nigeria, or somesuch, and would like to deposit it in this archive, please foward it to joyeria@walrus.com.Website: http://www.geocities.com/scam_mail/index.htmlEmail: joyeria@walrus.com

media art experiment

Participate to a media art experiment! I am now collecting any and all images and sounds for a cd-rom experiment called Hypnomedia. Participating is as simple as sending your image and sound files. Everybody who participates will be credited on the final cd-rom release of Hypnomedia and might even get a free copy. Go to the website for all the details.Website: http://www.jpcote.com/


Entropie est une microstructure indépendante dont l'activité va du conseil à la réalisation de modules programmés. Son champ d'intervention est celui de l'art en général et de la poésie en particulier. Entropie n'intervient que dans le cadre de collaborations. Elle est également un label qui souhaite se spécialiser dans l'édition de travaux programmés. Entropie y fait actuellement office de veille. Les envois postaux (CD-ROM, etc...) ne sont pas retournés. 48 rue du port F-22000 Saint-Brieuc...


by Simon Biggs An interactive immersive multi-user multi-projection online data navigator installation opens. 20:00 Central European Time September 7 2001 at Kibela Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia www.babel.uk.net www.littlepig.org.uk www.kibla.org Simon Biggs simon@littlepig.org.uk http://www.littlepig.org.uk/ The Great Wall of China @ http://www.greatwall.org.uk/ Babel @ http://www.babel.uk.net/ Research Professor Art and Design Research Centre School of Cultural Studies ...

EVL: Alive on the Grid

Developers: Daniel Sandin, Josephine Anstey, Geoffrey Baum, Drew Browning, Beth Cerny, Margaret Dolinsky, Petra Gemeinboeck, Marientina Gotsis, Alex Hill, Ya Ju Lin, Josephine Lipuma, Brenda Lopez, Todd Margolis, Keith Miller, Dave Pape, Tim Portlock, Joseph Tremonti, Annette Barbier, Dan Neveu start date: 01/01/00 end date: ongoing Networking, sound and interaction are all key elements of Dan Sandin's EVL: Alive on the Grid, a collection of virtual art worlds where local and distant part...

Queer artist website

We would like to introduce our website. The site is mostly in English, but based in Amsterdam with many Dutch connections. The purpose is to spread and collect information relating to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer art communities (internationally and locally in Amsterdam) and also to relate information and context relating to the website's proprietor artist (Mr. Sands Murray-Wassink). The site is also very focussed on feminist (art) research and documentation, multi-cultur...

The Best of 386 DX

It's here: the CD of Alexei Shulgin's cyberpunkband 386 DX. After years of begging and pushing by his fans Shulgin decided to approach Staalplaat music publishers when he was in Berlin to give a concert early this year. Recorded in London like every respectable music CD, this CD is not just another collection of music on another silver disc though: you can boot your computer from it and have your own 386 DX. Ready for performance, ready to create both sound and vision in early computer aesthetic...


Now you can download most up-dated version of "bOOm" at Teleferique: http://www.491.org/teleferique/Y/yoshihara/bOOm/README_bOOm.html "bOOm" is a soundware for Mac which function as a Rhythm box. You can play with your own sounds, add effects and record the whole. Send your productions at makotoy@noos.fr to display them on Teleferique. Website: http://www.teleferique.org Email: makotoy@noos.fr

Public Works

Public Works is a group of media artists devoted to a core set of ideas and working practices, among which are: * making new works out of previously 'finished' works, thereby commenting on the nature of cultural production * working with limited means and mainly 'obsolete' or otherwise 'common' technology; making work that in principle could be made by 'anyone' * undermining the attractive power of mass-produced works by bringing to the surface latent, often troubling, meanings within t...

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