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A Gift For You!

Italian below A Gift For You! A special project by Pier Giorgio De Pinto for CACT Switzerland. ‘In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ (George Orwell) For CACT I have drawn up a project that I trust will celebrate this first months of 2010 with a big, provocative bang. […]

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AlphaAlpha, an animated netbook of letters I am glad to say that it is ready at: . The concept of this netbook is the proper “history of writing, which is, in a way, the history of the human race, since in it are bound up, severally and together, the development of thought, of expression, […]

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Between Saying and Doing

I’m currently showing performance documentation of Between Saying and Doing within the context of the exhibition Liminality: The Space Between Worlds at Antena ( in Chicago (RL) and in Second Life at I AM Columbia Island ( The show runs until Saturday the 1st of May so if you can try to pop along to […]

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FLOSSManuals Translation Sprint (Spanish)

March 2 – 6, 2010 Where: Medialab-Prado in Madrid (Spain) Translation Sprint of 2 FLOSS Manuals in Medialab-Prado (Madrid) from March 2 through 6. We we’ll be collaboratively translating into Spanish Inkscape Manual and Collaborative Futures. Participation is free but previous registration is required. You can also participate online! Event organized by FLOSSmanuals and Medialab-Prado, […]

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Meta Motus

Dear friend and colleagues, I’m glad to share with you my new interactive video installation “Meta Motus”, just out now on my website. “Live Architecture” is a series of site-specific interactive video installations I thought of and made in order to reshape the architecture in public places, as well as interior environments, into something vibrant […]

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Mashup Cultures

I am pleased to announce the appearance of Mashup Cultures Sonvilla-Weiss, Stefan (Ed.) 1st Edition., 2010, 256 p. 41 illus., Softcover ISBN: 978-3-7091-0095-0 ABOUT THIS BOOK This volume brings together cutting-edge thinkers and scholars (Henry Jenkins, Mizuku Ito, David Gauntlett) together with young researchers and students, proposing a colourful spectrum of media-theoretical, -practical and […]

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Scientific Scenarios and Art is an EACEA-CULTURE project which will last two years. The Project SCIENAR takes into account the links existing between Science and Art; it will use the innovative possibilities that new media and ICT offer for a better Visualization and Communication. Visualizing and Communicating theoretical achievements of present Culture is by no […]

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Video, sound art, performance

Caterina Davinio al CeC 2010 – India, Sattal Estate, Bhimtal Video, sound art, performance, e altro al CeC 2010 A cura di Shankar Barua Quando: Febbraio 19-20-21 2010 Dove: INDIA – Lower-Himalayan Valley of Sattal Estate, presso Bhimtal, in Kumaon, Uttarakhand Video di Caterina Davinio in programma: Ma-mma, già alla Biennale di Venezia (Détournement Venise […]

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Whole Earth Catalogue

[ENGLISH VERSION BELOW] Selezione video per la serie “Playlist”, Neoncampobase, Bologna. Opening: 27 gennaio 2010 A cura di: Domenico Quaranta ( Fondato dallo scrittore americano Stewart Brand nel 1968, Whole Earth Catalogue (WEC) è stato un catalogo di “strumenti” rispettato come una bibbia dalla generazione della controcultura – vale a dire, da coloro che […]

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“Legami” a Robot Art Installation

“Legami” a Robot Art Installation Luigi Pagliarini & Mr. BD Here’s a short video with some info: Regards, Luigi Pagliarini

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Marinetti alla Quarta

…Vi annuncio che “Marinetti alla Quarta” è stato invitato alla Biennale d’arte contemporanea di Rijeka dove è stato accolto come “ardito”, resuscitato grazie all’arte e all’intelligenza artificiale in espansione, ma soprattutto grazie a INFOBYTE e HORIZON SOFTWARE che stanno contribuendo materialmente a farlo crescere. Chi vi scrive è la “madre” che l’ha accompagnato in Croazia […]

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AHAcktitude ’09

27-28-29 novembre CS Cantiere, via Monte Rosa 84, Milano AHAcktitude ‘09 tre giorni di workshop, seminari, attività e attivismo, arte, musica, condivisione e incontri su Activism-Hacking-Artivism A Milano il 27,28, 29 novembre si incontrano gli artivisti della lista AHA presso il Cs Il cantiere per dare vita ad AHAcktitude Tecnologia, musica, internet, letteratura, telecomunicazioni, marketing, […]

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Found Footage!

VideoChannel Cologne is happy the launch on 1 December its Christmas feature 2009 online, entitled: “Found Footage!” “Found footage is a filmmaking term which describes a method of compiling films partly or entirely of footage which has not been created by the filmmaker, and changing its meaning by placing it in a new context. The […]

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Diverse Forms Most Beautiful

Art for the creation of biodiversity PAV PROGRAM 2010 Moving from the most recent studies of evolutionary developmental biology, the PAV – Park of Living Art structures its art, education & training 2010 program around the living matter and the like within the current and topical research on biodiversity. Through the involvement of international artists […]

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Consciousness Reframed X – experiencing [design] – behaving [media]

In cooperation with the University of Plymouth, England, the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Media and Communication, Munich, will host the international design and research conference Consciousness Reframed of the Planetary Collegium now in its 10th incarnation. Consciousness Reframed is a forum for transdisciplinary inquiry into art, science, technology, design and consciousness, drawing upon the expertise and insights of artists, designers, architects, performers, musicians, writers, scientists, and scholars, usually from at least 20 countries.

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A Parallel Image

Dear friends and colleagues, you can find installation views of “a parallel image” at: and a video at: or greetings from Vienna, Gebhard Sengmueller about the installation: A Parallel Image a new installation by Gebhard Sengmueller, in collaboration with Franz Buechinger “A Parallel Image” is an electronic camera obscura. This media-archaeological, interactive […]

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One Text, Many Stories – Urban Memory Loss

Turbulence Spotlight: “One Text, Many Stories – Urban Memory Loss: a Nightmare of Change in which Time is Inscribed in Space – or How a Text Became a Story” by Annette Weintraub [To View: Reset the zoom on your browser to 100% and turn off text zoom. Optimized for Firefox 3.xx, Safari 4, Google […]

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Oltre atomi e corpi: una post-riflessione su AE 2016 / Beyond atoms and bodies: a post-reflection on AE 2016

Dialogismi e biopoetiche / Dialogisms and biopoetics

Contemplating Greenness

Emergence of Creative Machines

Berg emotional soundscapes

The Art of Emotional Intelligence

Media fingerprints in the representation

La Cura Summer school

Regulation and Social Media: Speed Bumps or the Code 2.0

Beyond the map: an experiment in affective geographies

Note sulla Survey dei 15 anni di attività di Noema / Note on Noema’s 15th Anniversary Survey

Survey per i 15 anni di attività di Noema / Survey on Noema 15 years of activity

Noema, un’analisi su 15 anni di innovazione / an analysis on 15 years of innovation

L’età dell’ansia. Egloga post-digitale / The Age of Anxiety: a Post-digital Eclogue

Refounding Legitimacy Toward Aethogenesis

Staging Aliveness, Challenging Anthropocentrism: Subverting an Art Historical Paradigm

A Different Theory of Mediation for Technospaces

The Tesseract: between mediated consciousness and embodiment