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Read_Me 2.3 software art festival results

The idea of Read_Me 2.3 is to test an alternative festival model, especially since the subject of the festival is software art, a realm where people with artists' self-identities coexist with programmers whose views on the process of creation, distribution and even the very meaning of their work can be dramatically different from those of the artists.

netizens_webprize 2003

[Italiano] In occasione della mostra "netizens - cittadini della rete" ? stato lanciato un concorso internazionale di Net Art, a cui hanno partecipato artisti, italiani e stranieri che utilizzano il Web come mezzo creativo.[English] During the exhibition? "netizens - cittadini della rete", an international competition of Net Art was launched.? Competing artists, both Italian and international who use the Web as a creative medium.

Interview with Luis Miguel Girão

Interview with Roberta Buiani

Interview with Bill Seaman

Interview with Roger Malina

Interview with Pavel Smetana

Interview with Christa Sommerer

Interview with Annick Bureaud

Interview with Leonel Moura

Interview with Nina Czegledy

Interview with Alberto Abruzzese (Italiano)

Interview with Stelarc

Interview with Derrick de Kerckhove

Interview with Margarete Jahrmann

Interview with Jaromil

Interview with Laura Beloff

Interview with Alan Shapiro