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Interview with Jeffrey Shaw

The integrity of the original artwork is only fully intact in the imagination of its creator. Even its translation into the physical is a depreciation forced by the contraints of materiality, and exposure of the artwork to the social leads to the complete degradation/reconstruction of the ‘original’ by its intepretors and manipulators. On the other hand it is only in this social vector that the artwork becomes a cultural artifact and assumes a historical significance. The ‘original spirit’ must always dance on the edge of the volcano of the social, a destiny of both discriminating and mass consumption. Museums are built on this edge, they are locations of trans-actions between remaining glimmers of the ‘original spirit’ and the social. But media art has (at least) two unprecedented capabilities: it can create a virtual social that includes the social as a function of its ‘original spirit’, and it can build virtual museums that are themselves architectural incarnations of the ‘original spirit’. So the ‘Art of Life’ now seems so proximate!

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Interview with Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik has been labeled the “father of video art.” What is much less known is that he was not only the creator of the much-abused term “telecommunication superhighway,” but also among the first to use telecommunication satellites for artistic exchange. His satellite performances “Good Morning Mr Orwell,” “Wrap around the world” and “Good- bye Kipling” brought together artists such as David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Charlotte Moorman and others to perform together. These pieces can be seen as early examples of net art.

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Andy Sheppard e il cyber-sax

Incontrare uno tra i più grandi sassofonisti europei è sicuramente un grosso piacere. E si approfitta di un piccolo intervallo per parlare con lui del suo nuovo progetto e dello strano rapporto fra nuove tecnologie e strumenti a fiato.

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Interview with Igor Stromajer

t can be quite nice to see the different approaches to art in computer networks. Have you ever sung your html code? Igor Stromajer has. He lives in Lubljana, Slovenia, and he is a net artist. I met him in Moscow last May, where he did a presentation of his work that was rather unusual to some. He had Jodi and Frederic Madre sing at his command, using the vibration of a mobile phone to signal them when to start.

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Niente Artisti, solo Spettatori

Gli italiani che si nascondono dietro al sito http://www.0100101110101101.ORG non vogliono rivelare i propri nomi, le loro eta’ o oltre informazioni private. Non possono comunque nascondere che vengono da Bologna.
Intervista agli autori del sito.

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Oltre atomi e corpi: una post-riflessione su AE 2016 / Beyond atoms and bodies: a post-reflection on AE 2016

Dialogismi e biopoetiche / Dialogisms and biopoetics

Contemplating Greenness

Emergence of Creative Machines

Berg emotional soundscapes

The Art of Emotional Intelligence

Media fingerprints in the representation

La Cura Summer school

Regulation and Social Media: Speed Bumps or the Code 2.0

Beyond the map: an experiment in affective geographies

Note sulla Survey dei 15 anni di attività di Noema / Note on Noema’s 15th Anniversary Survey

Survey per i 15 anni di attività di Noema / Survey on Noema 15 years of activity

Noema, un’analisi su 15 anni di innovazione / an analysis on 15 years of innovation

L’età dell’ansia. Egloga post-digitale / The Age of Anxiety: a Post-digital Eclogue

Refounding Legitimacy Toward Aethogenesis

Staging Aliveness, Challenging Anthropocentrism: Subverting an Art Historical Paradigm

A Different Theory of Mediation for Technospaces

The Tesseract: between mediated consciousness and embodiment